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The knock on the door continued by then I have manage to put my uniform back on, bt its not as neat as it was earlier. So she went for the door but that was after she had put on her cloths too or do you expect her to go naked!.

She opened the door and bang it hard back which I was amazed at and I decided to ask her.

Me: Why did you bang the door like that, and who is at the door

Timi: Is it not one annoying broda Wale’s friend. Every time he will be disturbing me that he wants me to be his gf but I don’t like him.

As this conversation was going on, the guy decided to open the door since it was not locked and the guy did not even notice my presence and he knelt down begging Her that she should give him one chance and he promised to do her well. I wasn’t looking at their direction so as to avoid attack. The next thing I would hear was my name. ‘Enny’. As I turned to look at this unfamiliar voice it was my old time class mate who we went to the same boarding school together

Me:surprised Lekan!!. Lekan is the broda wale frnd my class mate who had been disturbing Timileyin since

Lekan: Enny what are you doing here

Me: I came to collect my text book from Timi.

Lekan: Why are you wearing their uniform?

Me: broda na WAEC teach me lesson ooo them seize my govt exam ooo so I have to rewrite.

Timi: where did you guys no each other?

Lekan: He was my class mate when we were in boarding school. I could see the sudden change in her mood then I was unable to predict what might have happened to her.

Me:So na your babe be this, she make sense naa, perfect match. lemme be on my way so dat I will get home on time.

Lekan: No mind this girl I like her but she still dey form. abeg help me talk to her now I like this girl with all my heart

Timi: That’s how boys used to say and all their aim is to defile the girl and dump her for a new catch. Anyways Enny are you still going or you want to sleep here or what again did you want to enjoy?.. on hearing this I was shocked that this girl is not afraid at all that Lekan could suspect.

Lekan: What did he want to enjoy again?

Timi: don’t mind him I gave him coke now maybe that’s why he did not want to go.

I just laughed and said to my self that this girl go put me 4 trouble if I no do something fast, what to do, I don’t know but I know I have to do something.

Lekan: no mind him he like sweet things, I’ve known him since primary school.

Me:I have changed ooo. so let me start going. Lekan and and I exchanged contacts as he also appealed to me that I should help him get this Timileyin of a girl. which I told him I’ll try. So we left together while on our way Lekan opted to take another route

Lekan: I’ll see you later lemme go an get something.

Me: Hope I’m not the one chasing chasing you from your babe.

Timileyin and Lekan: stop I don’t like it… no its not you, respectively. Lekan went his path. Timileyin and I continued our journey in silence when I decided to break the silence.

Me: did you enjoy it?

Timi:Enjoy what?

Me: Never mind. just then I stopped and threw my hand down for a cab and then she held my hand and said

Timi: is the why you want to leave me here and go.

Me: No but even if I didn’t go now I’ll still go and I don’t want to get home late.

I stopped a cab but before the cab got to my I decided to check if my cash is still intact but to my surprised I couldn’t find it. I have to let the cab go so as to find any other alternatives. But to my surprise, I turned back only to see Timileyin laughing.

Me:What’s amusing you, I can’t find my tp fare and alk you can help me to do is laugh.

Timi: God save you that you didn’t enter that cab if not you’ll have been beaten to coma. still laughing*

Me: So is that why you are laughing at me?

Timi: that’s by the way, your cash is with me but….

Me: shocked* but what?

Timi: Calm down. It’s not here with me, so you’ll have to follow me to my house so I can give it to you..

Me:So after raping me, this is how you want to repay me. Don’t worry you can eat the money for all I care I will trek home. Thanks anyways.

I left angrily and was heading home. The place I know I won’t reach until around 9pm. But I was surprised by her action.

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