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In getting to their house i noticed that there was no one ‘cos she opened the door with a key she brought out of her her bag. The building was a nice bungalow with a fence which was under construction as at then. She then ushered me in and we went inside together she offered me sit which I accepted. so she went to her room to change her cloth during this period I took my time to scan the whole room. it is a well furnished house and I know that it would definitely have more than 5 rooms. Soon she came out now she had already changed her school uniform to a house wear. it was a skimpy gown which struggles to reach her knee. I was amazed at he rate of how the gown was tight but its non of my business. This girl look extremely beautiful and I couldn’t help myself but to stare at this beautiful young lady standing before me alone in this big house a lot of things ran thru my mind both positive and negative I was lost in thought only to be brought back to life when she called my name.

Timileyin: Enny!! what are you looking at?. I just smiled and said

Me:nothing. You can’t even offer me some thing to drink for the first time I’m visiting your house, that’s very bad you know. …I don’t know where the courage came from …

Timileyin: I’m sorry love I forgot, so what do you care for.

Me: *love, me love* Water will be okay for today maybe when I come some other time I will need more than water.

Timileyin: Okay dear gimme 1 second.. she dashed out for the kitchen and soon she came out with a glass of water.

Me: hope I’m safe this 1 that you are smiling this your wicked smile.

Timileyin: sure you are safe with me why will I want to harm you. She drank out of the water and handed the glass to me I drank with happiness. we were gisting abt school for close to 15 minutes and I could notice the level of comfort in her as if she was living alone so I was disturbed I decided to ask her some few questions abt her parents

Me: what if your mom or your Dad comes in and see me, don’t you think I’m in trouble.. after my statement, all she could do was to laugh that I began to feel uncomfortable with her so I asked why she was laughing.

Timileyin: so you are afraid, are you not a man

Me: Of course I’m a man but before your parents, I’m a boy so they deserve respect.

Timileyin: Don’t worry they are not coming back till late in the night… on hearing this, i was relieved and said to myself. ‘no wonder she spoil like this’

when it was some mins past three I told her I’ll like to go now. it was as if she was waiting for me to say that.

Timileyin: Please don’t go I want you to stay now just stay like one hour again now please. she pleaded as she left her seat to come join me. I objected that I must start going as I stood up and she led me to the door. She was behind me but when I almost reach the door, she overtook me and stand in a position behind the door preventing me to pass through thus revealing her wonderful shape to me one more time I couldn’t help but stare and I was brought back to life with a word that was capturing and sound as a surprise to me as I didn’t expect it from her. she said

Timileyin: Tell me you don’t like what you are seeing! if you don’t like it then I’ll stop disturbing you.

Me:after staring for abt 5 secs more Of course I like it but….

Timileyin: Shhhhh placing her index finger on my lips indicating that I should keep quiet…. She moved her head closer to mine and before I could say Jack Robinson our lips were interlocked and was involved in an intimate kiss and hot romance. which lasted for about 3 mins when I realized what I was doing I quickly stood up and told her this wasn’t right.

Me: Stop this is not the way things are done let me start going. I carried my bag and as I got to the door I discovered that the door is locked then I turn back only to see her swinging the key with the ring in her middle finger which I interpreted as ‘bleep me and get the key’.

Me: please Timi if you truly love me as you claimed just gimme this key and let me go my way..

Timileyin: no way until I have what I want.

Me: surprised what did you want from me?. She came closer to me and whispered into my ?

Timileyin: don’t pretend boy, you know what I want.

Me:okay but there’s no condom what If you get pregnant.

Timileyin: Are you d one to be pregnant or me, so leave that to me. After she said this she pulled my head closer and we continued our kissing session.

Then I started by pressing her b—-t together and I could notice that she was not wearing any bra soon I moved down to her b–m and she was not putting on pants also I knew she was ready 4 dis then I decided to raise her gown up so that I can get a perfect smooching. As I was still raising her gown, our mouths were still interlocked so i managed to bring out one of her b—-t out from the gown and started s-----g so this went on 4 about 7 mins when I decided to take it to the next level As I was about to insert my d**k inside her kittycat I was resisted and I was shocked that is it not the same girl that wants me to bleep her.

Me: Baby what’s the matter.

Timileyin: I’m a virgin so thread slowly.

Me: shocked okay baby I’ll try.

I went on with my smooching and soon I was about to insert my 8 inch inside her kittycat. I noticed that it is too tight so I remembered that I had my Vaseline in my bag so I went for it. I rubbed it on my d--k and rubbed some on her kittycat also, it was then I was able to penetrate and we continued our session for about 20 mins, when I was about to c-m, I wanted to pull out but I remembered that I wanted to punish her, and immediately, I thought again that this is not the best way to go abt it so I pulled out and I c-m on her a-s as we were on a d—-e mission. She screamed in pain and pleasure but I used one of the chair’s pillow to hold her mouth so as to avoid attraction. There was no doubt that she enjoyed the s-x session. she gave me tissue to clean up. As I was still cleaning myself suddenly I heard

ko ko ko. It was a knock on the door. I was afraid as the both of us were still naked.

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