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As I was still going angrily, I stopped to look back and to my greatest surprise,she didn’t even move from where she was standing and she was laughing at me. I expected her to at least show some sympathy or even beg me instead she was still laughing. ‘Chai which kind thing I go put myself?’ I said within myself as I decide not to stop. Fortunately for me I found a good Samaritan who was willing to help me for free after about 36 mins of trekking. I got home that Friday and I was relieved as I didn’t meet my Parent and my siblings said they also did not meet both of them. then I was relieved that they will be no interrogation today cos I got home some mins to 6pm.

I went to the kitchen straight to eat because I was famished. As I was eating my phone started ringing, so I went for it and I found out that it was an unknown number so I picked it.

Me: Hello, pls who am I speaking with

Caller: Hi Enny, how re you today?

Me:I’m fine. pls who am I speaking with?

Caller: Its Bolanle

Me: How far Bolanle, how did you get my number. I can’t remember giving you my number.

Bolanle:So you are not happy that I called you okay no problem I won’t call you again. hang up

Me: hello!!!. I was thinking of how this girl would have gotten my number and simultaneously thinking of what she said that am I not happy that she called. of course I am happy but I need to know what’s behind this her behavior

‘is this girl trying to make advances’

‘of course I like her’

‘but will she accept me after knowing about Timi and I’

‘but she’s stepping on my toes’. I was lost on thought I just slept off.

When I woke up it was past 11pm then I knew even if I try to woo her now she won’t accept because I ought to have called her immediately after she hang up on me. So I made up my mind to call her. grr grr her ✆ was ringing I just crossed my mind that she might have slept off or probably won’t pick up since it’s obvious that she’s angry with the way I spoke with her.

I continue dialing until the 8 ring then she picked up.

Me: hello love

Bolanle: who is your love, better find your love go front (ko koshi danu) hang up… I checked if it was a wrong number I called but it was not so I decided to call again and this time she wasn’t picking. to the extent that she switched off the phone at about the 6th ring. I had feelings of what happened earlier that day BTW me and Timi and now Bolanle i finally got my mind off both of them as is at appears more complicated.

Now its morning and when I checked my phone i saw 7 missed calls and 2 messages the missed calls was from a strange number and one of the msg is from Bolanle. and the other from the same number that called me. I decided to check Bolanle’s own first b4 going further to check the unknown number.

What was the content of Bolanle’s msg and the unknown

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