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Diana - S02 E17

Story 3 years ago

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we heard a loud bang on the door and I instantly turned pale white with fear. Could it be them, the Black axe?

Diana: lemme go and check who is there.

She said when I drew her back and went to the door post myself. Well not after I had taken the kitchen knife though.

I hid the knife at my back and opened the door gently, I was so much happy and a little bit disappointed as I saw Almajiri (very poor orphans, little children who beg for survival day in and day out)

I quickly entered inside and brought out a pot of food that I gave it to them, they were so happy that they knelt down and greeted me.

I was touched by their gesture. Poor little children with useless fathers and mothers. They’d like to give birth to many children when they are fully aware that they can’t care of them. At the end when things becomes hard, they will dump them for them to beg for a living.

Diana: who was it that knocked on the door.

She asked immediately I entered inside the room.

Me: just those almajiri who are always begging.

Diana: alright, thank God it’s not the black axe gangs o, I was really worried o.

Me: I was even disappointed self?

Diana: how, I don’t get you?

Me: I wish it was the black axe oo.

Diana: enh en, like seriously?

Me: yes, I wanted to show them my ultimate Karate moves. This one is called the “SUPER PUNCH”.

I said and punched a pillow.

Me: this one is called the “MESSIAH”.

I said and gave a high kick.

Me: this one is known as the “ULTIMATE MATOORE”.

I said and gave two kicks and a blow.

Me: and my final finishing move is known as “ATAA-TAA-TAA-TAA”

I said and did a useless godforbid move in karate. Diana was busy laughing with tears in her eyes when we heard another knock that got me scared..

Me: Jesus!!!!!!

I said and dashed away to hide because this time, it must surely be the black axe and no other. This got Diana rolling on the floor with laughter.

She later got out to check who it was and it was the same almajiri. The only difference is that they didn’t knock to beg, but to return the pot I earlier gave them.

Diana: fear fear boyfriend. The almajiri you gave food said I should tell you thank you oo.

She said and we both laughed before continuing our parking.




we later got an apartment in eliogbolo close to rumuokoro market. The apartment was well hidden so we have no fear of being detected by the black axe.

We settled down, cleaned everywhere and made the place to look homely. Later on, we ate lunch together though night was fastly approaching.

After the food, Diana called our Vc and explained everything to him. To my greatest surprise, the man just agreed like that o.

In fact he wanted to call the police and soldiers but we didn’t agree to his opinion. Apprehending the capon will only make matter worst of us because the rest crew will still find and kill us.

The vc agreed that we could study online, write our assignment, test and exam online too.

We thanked him and ended the call.

Diana: after keeping her phone honey, there’s something important I wanna tell you o.

Me: ok my love, go ahead.

Diana: honey, I will be traveling to Ghana in few days time to visit a sick cousin of mine over there.

Me: what!!

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