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Diana - S02 E16

Story 3 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 2 EPISODE 16



Continues from the last episode


I lay on the ground and continued crying as Diana was standing besides me in total confusion.

Diana: honey, what’s the problem.

Me: gathered a little courage to talk my love, titus just called to say that the BLACK AXE are planning to assassinate me.

Diana: what!!!!!!

She shouted and her phone began to ring coincidentally. She picked the phone and said to me.

Diana: is shola that is calling me, lemme hear what she wants to say.

She said and placed the call on loudspeaker.

Diana: hello shola.

Shola: hello babe. There’s something important you need to know before it is too late.

Me: and that is.

Shola: you better take Idris to a safe place o. I don’t know how the secret got leaked but the whole campus is on fire burning with the news o. The BLACK AXE are planning an attack on Idris.

I started to shake in fear as I looked at her.

Diana: this is really serious o.

Shola: I even heard that the capon said that you are lucky you don’t have any male sibling in this school. He said you will surely pay for the humiliation you made him pass through yesterday.

Diana: don’t worry, at the end of everything, he will be the one to regret.

Shola: do you have any plan that you are working on.

Diana: yes and no. Don’t worry, I have got everything covered. Thanks for the information.

Shola: you are welcome babe. You are just like a sister to me so anything that hurts you also hurt me and I can’t just stay and allow someone plan and initiate an attack on you or anyother person you love when am aware of it.

Me: thank you babe, I owe you one.



After the call, I looked at Idris and he was shaking like like a dry leave. I have the urge to laugh but I knew that if I do, all hell will break loose.

He was pale white with fear. He was lost in thought that he didn’t even notice that I was standing besides him. I just kept looking at him, oh God! So my boyfriend can be as scared as this.

What if I don’t have spiritual powers and we are in a situation like this, who will save who? The worst thing is that I will be leaving for Ghana leaving him fully exposed to danger.

We became silent and we were still thinking when an Idea came into my mind.

Me: honey!

I said touching him.

Me: I have an Idea o.

Idris: with a broken voice Go ahead.

Me: we should leave this apartment and find a hidden place in town.

Idris: what of classes and lectures. They will surely get us in school.

Me: don’t worry, I will be able to talk to the VC and lay my complain to him.

Idris: are you sure he will agree with you?

Me: yes of course. Have you forgotten that he is an old friend of my late dad. Knowing that my life is in danger here, he will surely agree with me..

Idris: So how will it be?

Me: we will start packing our loads from now, in fact, there’s no need to take any load, just take two to three clothes let’s go.

Idris: wait, where will we get enough money to rent an apartment urgently.

His statement provoked me a lot, has he forgotten so soon that I am the daughter of a multi-billionaire. Even though my father is late, I still have millions in my accounts and there’s billions in my father’s and mother’s accounts. What of the landed properties, houses, cars and the rest.

I didn’t even answer him and he got the hint.

Idris: sorry about that, fear has affected my sense of reasoning.

His funny statement calmed me down and I laughed.

Me: ok, lets get into action.

I said and we jumped up and started packing when we heard a loud bang on the door.




What happened next….

Find out in the next exciting and thrilling episode of Diana.

Brought to you by: Mustapha Idris.



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