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Diana - S02 E15

Story 3 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 2 EPISODE 15


Continues from the last episode


The Queen mother came inside the coven and we all bowed down as she walked graciously to her throne. She was shining like the sun and her hair was so long that it was touching the ground.

Her eyes were pure green and her shining golden trident was in her hand. Her golden crown also lay graciously on her head.

All: all hail the Queen mother. The ruler of the sea and the one who brings Justice upon all men.

We said and continued praising her as she took her seat and ordered us to stand up.

Queen: you can all rise to your feet.

We all stood up and she began.

Queen: Diana, step forward.

Me: yes Queen mother.

I said and came out, standing in front of her.

Queen: you have been scarce. We don’t see you and you hardly attend our meetings. I hope all is well?

Me: yes queen mother, all is fine.

Queen: very good. Sandra and Linda step out.

Sandra and Linda stepped out and bowed before the Queen mother.

Queen: I want to give the three of you an assignment. I want you three to assassinate Mr sadiq. A chronic cheat that lives in Ghana.

I was totally confused at the mentioned of Ghana. I didn’t know that they do kill around the world. What am I going to do? Me that have not gone to Ghana before will now be going there on an assassin mission.

Queen: Diana, this is your first mission so far. Linda and Sandra will put you through. They know how we do things around here.

Me: yes Queen mother.

Queen: all of you will embark on this mission two days from now so be prepared.

Me, Linda and Sandra: yes queen mother.

Queen: very nice. you can now go back to your line let our meeting begin.




I woke up and yawned. This is very strange, I have never slept so long after eating Vegetable soup and pounded yam before.

I looked around and Diana was nowhere to be found around me. I wanted to walk to the sitting room when I my phone began to ring.

Me: how could be this one that is calling me this early morning?

I asked as I picked my phone and saw “TITUS” boldly written on the screen.

Me: haa, Oga titus, this one wey you call me this early morning I hope no problem?

Titus: na dat one be the good morning wey you for tell me?

Me: ok sorry o. Good morning.

Titus: very good, I just call to tell you say you don die.

Me: how, how I use die?

Titus: but you believe me? If you don’t I pity you. I swear to God, you don die already.

Everybody for campus just dey cry over your head. Some won even call your papa and mama self.

Me: for wetin now?

Samuel: the BLACK AXE. The thing wey your babe do them so, the disgrace wey she disgraced them, them want revenge am for your body.

Me: iyeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

Titus: I dey speak to you so enh, campus just dey hot like fire on top your case o.

Me: Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!

Titus: just called to tell you that it was nice knowing you and being your friend, good bye.

Me: I don die oooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

I said as the phone fell down from my hand. I also fell down to the ground and started to cry when Diana rushed inside from the kitchen with a spoon in her hand and apron tied around her waist.



What happened next?

Find out in the next exciting and thrilling episode of Diana.

Brought to you by: Mustapha Idris.



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