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Diana - S02 E14

Story 3 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 2 EPISODE 14



Continues from the last episode


Idris later came into the kitchen to meet me there. He held me round my waist and spoke into my ears.

Idris: what are you cooking?

Me: lemme prepare your favourite. We have vegetables in the fridge and all the meat I need are also there.

Idris: be ready to pound yam o.

Me: hahaha, I will o. I will be ready to pound even potatoes.

I said and we both laughed. I turned and looked at him and he pecked me before leaving to the sitting room, however he stopped and looked at me again.

Idris: don’t you think it is odd?

Me: what is odd?

I asked in confusion.

Idris: you have been wearing that particular necklace ever since you came back. I am even surprised because you have many jewelleries but you choosed this particular one.

Me: D--n, where is this boy heading to? haa, its nothing.

Idris: I don’t get you.

Me: my parents, I saw it in their room. It was given to my mum by my dad as a valentine gift and I took it and started wearing as a remembrance to my parents.

Idris: ok, I now get it. Sorry for that.

Me: it’s nothing.

He left while I breathed down in happiness and relief. I continued cooking the vegetable soup when Tracy appeared to me.

Me: Tracy.

I said without looking at her direction.

Tracy: Diana, you don’t even come to check on us, or visit and play with us.

Me: am very sorry about that, have been very busy lately.

Tracy: never mind, we have a mission we are assigning to you and two other girls, Sandra and Linda.

Me: and what could that be?

Tracy: you will get to know really soon. Just don’t forget to come to the coven tonight, we are having a meeting together.

She said and disappeared while I smile. My plan for revenge is coming back to me. I for sure knows that we will be three going out for a mission but only one will survive, and that one will be me. The rest must die in this mission even if it means me killing them with my bare hands.



We ate the delicious food I prepared, pounded yam with vegetable soup and meat, no fish or any aquatic creature inside.

After eating, I brought out a packet of juice which has been drugged by me. Have added some sleeping pills inside of it.

I poured the liquid into two cups and we drank it. Using my powers, I neutralized the effect of the drug on me while Idris couldn’t and so, within minutes he fell asleep.

I took him to the bed where I placed him, covered him with blanket, took the car keys and left our apartment.


I drove the car at high speed. Got to the sea and came out. Since everywhere is dark, they was nobody around. I removed my special necklace and dived into the water with some quick transformation.


The Mermaids Coven

I swam into our coven and wore the necklace I had earlier on removed.

I breathed down in relief. The Queen mother hasn’t come so I am not yet late. However, we were all complete for the meeting and I was the one that came last.

We quickly made a straight line of six girls at the right and six at the left. I was with Sandra, Tracy, Linda and two other girls standing with me at the right while the remaining six was standing at the left.

Tracy brought out a golden horn and blew it very loud signifying the coming of the Queen mother.





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