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Diana - S02 E13

Story 3 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 2 EPISODE 13



Continues from the last episode


When the capon came to me, I saw fear in Idris’s eye. He wanted to leave but I kicked against it.

I know that the black axe are the deadliest cult in our school. They kill without any reason and are very wicked.

Most students in campus if not all feared and respect them. I would have also been afraid of them but not anymore, not when I am fully empowered. Fully strong and capable of fighting and defeating and physically thing spiritually.

When we got home, his attitude (Idris) made me laugh. He thought he will die and his funny statements made me laugh. I just wished I could open up to him and tell him that I have powers to protect him but I couldn’t.

When my attitude made him angry, I decided to cool down and begged him which did good to him. Mentioning of a secret plan I’d have against the black axe made his eyes opened in delight.

Truly speaking, do I even have any secret plan at all? Well, all I just know is that my powers are here to protect and guide him.

When everything was settled, he surprised me again, by planting a deep kiss on my lips.

Soon enough, the intensity of the kiss between us began to get hotter and hotter by the minute and I knew where this is leading to.

Words from the Queen flashed into my head and I knew if I don’t stop him right now, it might be late for him.

I made a knock on the door with my powers spiritually. At first, he didn’t stop kissing me. I made another loud knock on the door and he broke off the kiss.

Idris: yes, who is there?

He asked.

Me: maybe one of your friends trying to pull a fast one on you.

Idris: d--n, not now when I am enjoying myself with my baby.

He said heading to the door. He opened it and found noone there. He stepped outside and looked everywhere, they was nobody there.

He entered inside thinking he will continue from where he stopped but I was far gone. I quickly entered inside the kitchen and began to prepare what we gonna eat.



I never knew what happened that will make Diana to always dodge and avoid me when it comes to sex issue.

Don’t get me wrong or don’t think I am just dating her to have sex with her and dump her, no. Truth is, we have had sex like once or twice when we began this relationship and before she disappeared mysteriously, and during those times, she didn’t push me off or treat as if I have a disease or I am not good on bed.

I don’t even know what got into her. Since she came back, we have only had short kisses, no romance and when it comes to sex, she will run as if she is hiding something away from me but now, not anymore.

I thought as I increased the intensity of the kiss, knowing where it will lead. Not long after, I heard a loud bang on the door.

I didn’t want to break the kiss but when the banging didn’t stop, I have to leave unwillingly to check out who the fool is.

I got outside and searched everywhere but the whole place was deserted. I came back to the sitting room with high hopes to continue the kissing from where I stopped but received the greatest disappointment of my life, she was nowhere in the sitting room.

Diana has escaped again d--n!!!!


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