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Diana - S02 E09

Story 3 years ago

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continues from the last episode


I cleaned the tears that gathered in my eyes.

Me: Well, I just hope Idris isn’t angry yet.

I said to myself as I stood up and entered inside the bathroom. I turned the shower on and had a nice cold bath.

The water was so nice and soft on my skin that it I spend close to half an hour inside the bathroom.

Idris: Diana my love, where are you?

He shouted from the sitting room.

Me: honey I am in the bathroom.

Idris: since that time, hope you are not giving birth to a child inside there.

Me: hahaha, naughty you. I will be out in a few minutes.

I quickly turned off the shower, tied a towel round my chest and walked to our bedroom.

I caught Idris, looking at my exposed legs and body with a lustful eye. when my eyes saw his, he quickly turned his face away and I became sad.

My boyfriend can’t have sex with me. In no time, I applied cream on my body and did a little make up, Wore a gown that stopped few inches above my kneel and came out.

I was looking d--n cute and sexy.

Me: hmm, smells nice.

Idris: thanks.

Me: hope the noodles is hot. You know I don’t like my noodles to be served cold.

Idris: yes, they are hot. Just the way you like it.

I smiled and opened the food and a fowl smell cut across my nose. He had prepared the noodles with fish.

Me: WHAT IS THIS!!!!!!

I shouted in anger and disgust.

Idris: confused fish, remember you like your noodles served with fried fish.

I got angry and threw the plate to the ground pouring all the content on the floor.

True to what he said, I love eating fishes but that was then because ever since I became a mermaid, I grew disgust at the sight of a dead fish.

Don’t blame me, humans can’t eat humans right? We mermaids do have special bonds with aquatic creatures. We speak to them and they obey. We also hear them, feel their pains and interact with them.

So in other words, we have strong bonds with aquatic creatures so can’t eat them or kill them.


I said as I ran into the toilet to vomit. After vomiting, I cleaned my mouth with water and came back to the sitting room.

Idris has already cleaned the floor. He was sitting on a chair with his hands on his head. I felt bad. Really bad. I shouldn’t have shouted on him.

I got close to him and touched him. He removed my hands away from his body. I tried touching him again and he stood up in anger heading to the door.

I knew he wanted to go out but i won’t allow him go out in this angry state of his.

I used my eyes and closed the doors shut, I also bolted it so he wasn’t able to open it.

Idris: d--n this door!

He said in anger. I walk close to him and touched his hand and he trembled.

He turned, wanting to say something but couldn’t when his eyes met my blue eyes.

Me: with a puppy face am sorry my love, didn’t want to shout at you but I did not know what came over me. I am really really sorry. Please find a place in your heart and forgive me.

Idris: speechless

Me: please my love, are you not saying anything to me?

Idris: you know what, after you came back, you changed. This is not the Diana I know. Where is the old Diana, the one I fell in love with.

Me: she is gone for good. The Diana you see now is different but whatever I do, I do to protect you.

Idris: protect me?

Me: yes..

Idris wanted to say something when I held his face, brought it close to mine and gave him a hot kiss.





What happened next?

Find out in the next exciting and thrilling episode Diana.

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