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Diana - S02 E10

Story 3 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 2 EPISODE 10



Continues from the last episode.


We continued kissing each other until I pulled off from him and looked at his face.

Me: am sorry honey for all that.

Idris: no problem my love, you are totally forgiven.

Me: thanks sweet. I love you very very much.

Idris: me too honey, I love you more than you can ever Imagine.

Me: why don’t we go out and have some fun together?

Idris: no prob, go and dress up lets go.

Me: do you have anyplace in mind?

Idris: yes but its a big surprise.



Snakie entered inside his capon’s room with a smile on his face. They were about five armed guys dressed in total black protecting the capon and about three naked girls allover the capon.

Snakie: Capon, I dey feel you.

Capon: snakie my man, how far na?

Snakie: capon, I dey o.

Capon: how far that shit, you don run am?

Snakie: yes.

Capon: go on, tell me everything about the girl.

Snakie: her name na Diana o, the girl wey her parents die not too long ago.

Capon: wow, me self just dey chook eye for that girl o, wether dey like it or not, I must toast her o.

Snakie: haa, capon.

Capon: yes!

Snakie: problem dey o.

Capon: na which problem you dey talk about?

Snakie: One boy wey dem dey call Idris dey date her o.

Capon: and so, the boy better give away or me I go just waste am. Abi how you see am naw?

Snakie: no wahala boss. Me I just dey feel you o.

Capon: no prob, just continue dey look the girl for me.


2 Days Later.


Diana has been really nice and sweet. The few days we have spent together after her arrival was fun, really fun.

The whole boys have been eying Diana since she returned. Others were busy killing themselves just to say hello to her.

I have been considered one of the most lucky guy in school because I was dating her. Almost all the pretty girls in school grew hatred for Diana. This is because, they are considered ugly at her presence.

She has been considered the hottest, prettiest and cutest girl in school while I was considered the most lucky guy alive.



We were coming back from lectures together, we were holding our hands as we passed many students who were busy roaming about.

Anywhere she passed, they will turn and looked at her. At a time, I found it funny and I began to laugh.

Diana: why are you laughing?

Me: just look at the way they are all looking at you.

Diana: that’s their own cup of tea o, like seriously am I that beautiful?

Me: I don’t blame you for saying that, had it been you use to look at the mirror always, you would have gotten your answer.

Diana: hahaha.

Just then, we sighted about seven huge guys dressed in black, pure black and nothing else. We knew that they were the BLACK AXE. The most deadliest cult in campus.

The odd thing about today is that their boss was with them. Normally, the boss don’t use to come to school. He is always at home or on an assassin mission.

We wanted to change route and follow another direction when a broad voice shouted from behind us.

Voice: don’t you dare move.

D--n, it was their boss. What are we gonna do?

I thought as I stood still, shaking with fear written allover me face.




Find out in the next exciting and thrilling episode of Diana.

Brought to you by: Mustapha Idris.



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