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Diana - S02 E08

Story 3 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 2 EPISODE 8



Continues from the last episode..

She looked at me for a while and did the unimaginable.


She laughed and her laugh was so cute and lovely.

Me: wait a minute, why are you laughing? Do you think I am joking?

Diana looked at me for a while and came closer to me. She held my face and surprised me with a hot kiss.

Her lips tasted so cold. Like that of a vampire but there was something marvelous about it. Something that always made me to yearn for her lips.

She was still kissing me while everything I had in my head erased completely. She pushed me to the bed and I fell gladly.

She climbed me and continued kissing me. Soon enough, she removed her cloth and her body colour shone through out the room.

What is truly happening here. This is not the Diana I know. The person that climbed me is a goddess. She looked to beautiful to be called a human.

She kept kissing me while she removed her bra and her boobs were proudly bouncing up and down.

I smiled as I grabbed them and s----d them.

Diana: aww! Oh yeaaa!!!

She moaned and pressed my head harder against her breast. I got the hint and continued s-----g her breasts while my hands were romancing her body.

While my hands were busy touching her, I felt something around her neck and I looked at it.

It was a necklace designed with a tear drop on it. I tried touching it but she slapped my hand away. I didn’t bother as I continued kissing her.

She pushed me back to the bed and was about to pull my trousers when she stopped, stood up and smile.

Diana: my love, I have truly missed you.

Idris: disappointed a little, why did she stop me too my love.

Diana: I am feeling tired. Can you cook some noodles for me lemme go and have my bath, please!!!

Me: totally disappointed ok.

I said as I stood up, wore my cloth and moved to the kitchen.



I could see the hurt and disappointment in Idris’s eye. It wasn’t my fault but I had to do it, I was only following orders.


I quickly slapped his hand away as he touched my special necklace. I could remember vividly well that the QUEEN mother told me not to mess with it.

In order to drive his mind away from my little drama, I was about to pull his trouser when the QUEEN mother appeared to me.

Me: long live the Queen mother of the mermaids.

Queen: Diana, what do you want to do?

Diana: erm, we want to have…. you know, sex.

Queen: alright but when you are done, bring his heart to our coven.

Me: what!!!

Queen: yes Diana! You are now a mermaid. To every man you sleep with, you bring his heart. If the man is a womanizer, you bring both is heart and his d--k.

Me: does that mean, does that m..

Queen: yes, from now on, be careful with the type of guys that you sleep with. You don’t want guys that are close to you to die right?

Diana:. But Tracy said I could have a lover.

Queen: there is a big difference between having a lover and also sleeping with him. Becarefull!

She said and disappeared. All these while, Idris was just on the bed without knowing what was truly going on the spiritual realm.

Me: so I won’t be having sex with Idris?

I asked as I closed my eyes and tears find its way down my eyes.

What happened next?

Find out in the next exciting and thrilling episode of DIANA.

brought to you by: Mustapha Idris.

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