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Continues from the last episode

Man 1: who is she?

Man 2: the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

Girl 1: she must be a mermaid.

Boyfriend: no, a walking goddess.

Girl 1 got angry and slapped her boyfriend.

Girl 1: don’t ever talk to me again.

She said and left in anger. Flies were busy parading in the open mouths of men, boys, children, girls and the few women who were there.

I smiled, they haven’t seen anything yet. Wait a minute, people are drooling over me and I haven’t seen my face yet.

I walked to where a car was parked and looked my self in the car mirror.

Me: D--n!!!!!!

I shouted, I was looking so beautiful. So beautiful that the goddess of beauty and love can be described as an ugly art painting when compared to me.

Me: now is not the time to be looking at my face.

I said as I found a quiet corner where nobody was around. I entered inside there and disappeared.



I appeared in an uncomplited building close to the police station and ran inside.

When I entered inside the police station, the policemen on guard shouted…

Policemen: ghost!!

Policemen: ghost!!

They shouted and ran out of the police station. I laughed uncontrollably.

Me: is this the hope of Nigeria?

I quickly got to the interrogation room on time and yelled.

Me: stop!!!!!!!!!!!



So this is how I am going to suffer, just because of a woman. Oh God, please and please, come and rescue me from the hands of this wicked and ruthless policemen. I prayed silently.

At this point in time, they was no hope for me. The detective brought out the flaming iron and was coming close to me when a voice yelled.

Voice: stop!!!!!!!!!!!

I turned and couldn’t recognise who was standing behind me. Could it be Diana i thought. The person that was standing look so beautiful, gorgeous, in fact, she look like a goddess, the goddess of all goddesses.

Me: Diana!!!!

I shouted in shock. The detectives couldn’t move an inch or do anything. They was just looking at her like morons.

Diana: yes honey, I am back for you.



She ordered for my release with immediate effect and I was set free.

I didn’t talk, neither could I even think. The whole policemen, inspector and even me was just looking at her in a surprised manner.

This is because, the Diana I know is very pretty but not as beautiful as this, so what is going on here. Did she go for a facial surgery?

Immediately we got back to our apartment, I turned and asked her.

Me: where are you coming from? Where did you go to? Why didn’t you inform me? You couldn’t even burrow a phone and call me? Why are you looking so beautiful like this? Who told you I was in trouble and how did you even get back from the unknown place you disappeared to? Did you know you almost got me killed back there? Did you know how I have suffered without seeing you? Did you know I almost develop a BP over your case? Did you know that the whole school is on my neck asking about you? In short, where were you all this while?

I started breathing fast, trying to catch my breath. Diana was quiet, looking at me with her blue eyes, large blue eyes.

Me: one more question?

Diana: which is?

Me: when did your eyes became blue in colour instead of brown?

She shut up for awhile and did the unimaginable..

what did she do?

Find out in the next exciting and thrilling episode of Diana.

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