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Me: where should she be?

I asked noone in particular. I decided to walk to her former hostel and check on her there. Maybe she has gone to visit her friends or her former hostel mates.

When I got there, I couldn’t enter the hostel because it was a girls hostel and moreover, boys are not allowed to visit girls at night.

This was so because many boys do visit and rape girls why some girls do turn their hostel rooms into a mini brothel.

From outside, I took my phone. Thank God I have her former hostel mates numbers. I called them one by one but they didn’t pick.

I didn’t give up hope as I continued calling them until shade, a yoruba girl amongst the hostel room mate picked up.

Me: good evening Shade.

Shade: good evening Idris. Sorry we didn’t pick up in time. We were having our evening prayers.

Me: oh no problem at all. That’s very lovely in fact.

Shade: so any problem, this one you called by this time.

Me: yes oo, it’s about Diana.

Shade: what do you mean it’s about Diana?

Me: since morning I haven’t set my eyes on her o. As I am speaking with you, I am currently outside of your hostel, just thinking maybe she came to stay with you guys.

Shade: ah, no o. Truly speaking I haven’t even seen her o.

Me: so you mean that she is not their with you guys?

Shade: honestly speaking, she is not here.

Me: ok, thank you very much.

Shade: no problem. Please don’t get yourself worked up so much o. I know Diana even though it’s a little, she is gonna be back.

Me: I hope so o, I hope so.

Shade: there is nothing like you hope so. Believe me when I say it, she is gonna be back.

Me: ok, lemme go back. Thank you very much for your words of comfort.

Shade: alright, you are welcome.

I ended the call and kept the phone in my pocket. The street was still bright and traders where still busy trying to sell their goods.

Tears were close to my eyes as I turned back and headed home without her.




I stood up from my bed with a sad expression on my face. Good a thing I didn’t say I woke up because truly speaking, I didn’t sleep all night.

I brushed my teeth, took my bath and prepared for school. Since I had no appetite for food that morning, I boiled hot water and drank coffee before leaving for lectures.



It was stressful and really annoying but glory be to God, today’s lectures were over. I don’t think I will be able to attend class next time.

Everyone was just busy asking me, where is Diana, where is Diana, where is Diana. They were so surprised I came to school that morning without her.

This is because we usually do come to school and leave to our apartment the same time.

I was walking to God knows where when someone ran to me and tapped me from behind.

I turned and it was titus, my Friend that came to me, he was breathing really fast and hard.

Titus: Idris, what’s the matter.

Me: I no understand.

Titus: I dey call you since but you no dey answer me. You just dey waka dey go only you.

Me: titus, I as I dey like this you no go understand at all o.

Titus: haa, na wetin happen.

Me: chaii, I no sure if I go even fit survive self. I just dey tired.

Titus: ok, make we go canteen go talk about this case. Na very serious case.

He said and we both left to the canteen.

What happened next?

Find out in the next exciting and thrilling episode of DIANA [TALES OF A MERMAID]

brought to you by: Mustapha Idris



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