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Continues from the last season

Tracy: common Diana don’t be scared. I assure you that nothing will happen to you.

Me: smiled

If only she knew the reason why I decided to join them, she would have been hoping that I die in the WATERS OF HOLIES.

I got close to the coffin where the water was kept, they opened the lid of the coffin and I entered inside, fully naked with no clothes on my body.

Me: gasped

the water was cold, very very cold. Immediately I entered inside the water, a bright light shone and I closed my eyes.

Queen: very good.

Tracy: what now?

Queen: cover the coffin and let the prayers begin.

They covered the coffin and the eleven mermaid girls all rounded the coffin with their queen at the middle as they began to pray for me.




I couldn’t let Diana go anywhere without following her. Oh, what a poor girl. What a great tragedy it is, loosing both father and mother at the same day… She has got noone to look after her, no uncles no aunts.

Me: I yawned and looked at the time strange, I don’t sleep afternoon sleeps. How come I have been asleep for over three hours?

I asked nobody in particular. Well never mind, may be the tea that Diana gave me really got me. Wait a minute, speaking of Diana where is she?

Me: Diana! Diana!!!

I called out, maybe she was in the kitchen.

Me: Diana!!

I called out again but yet, I got not reply.

Me: maybe she went out to buy something.

I said as I reached for my notebook on the reading table besides my bed and started doing my assignment.


To my greatest surprise, I didn’t see her. Wherever she went to she hasn’t come back till now, this is really scary.

Me: oh my God, I hope she hasn’t done something bad.

I thought to myself. I was actually scared. I don’t want a situation whereby someone is going to commit murder o.

Me: oh God, please and please, protect Diana for me. Please my God, I don’t want anything bad to happen to her.

I said as I started praying. I prayed really hard for about fifteen minutes before I stoop up and took my phone.

With faith, I called her and to my greatest dismay, I heard….

“From the first time that I set my eyes on you,

baby I was stalk on you,

follow me…..”

Me: what?

I followed the soft sound of the music and to my greatest dismay, she left her phone and went out.

I raised the pillow up and brought out the ipod, the music “Romantic by Korede Bello” was still playing. I turned it off and kept it back under the pillow.

Me: what is the meaning of this na. Why did she went out and kept her phone at home. Oh God, protect her for me, please do oh lord, guide and save her for me.

I quickly wore my cloth and checked the time.

Time check- 8:30pm

I put on my face cap, wore a pair of sandals and went out, not after closing the doors and keeping the keys inside my pocket.

The whole place was bright despite that the moon was not fully up, all thanks to the power holding company of Nigeria.

As usuall, the street was crowded with night traders running helter skelter just to make sure that their goods are being bought.

I looked left and right and was really confused. Even though I wanna engage in a search for here, where will I begin from?

What happened next?

Find out in the next exciting and thrilling episode of Diana.

Brought to you by: Mustapha Idris.



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