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We walked together to the canteen and found a nice place to sit down. He ordered for coke and meat pie for the both of us and his order was brought quickly.

Titus: so Idris, what is the problem?

Me: it’s about Diana o.

Titus: sipping his coke so na even because of girl na him your face dull like this.

Me: you dey craze o, its like you don’t even understand me at all.

Titus: don’t tell me that she has left you for another guy?

Me: not even that.

Titus: then what is it.

Me: from yesterday morning till today’s morning I haven’t seen her, neither have I heard from her.

Titus: you call her for phone.

Me: your ear deaf? I said I haven’t heard of her. You suppose to even ask me wether she carry phone commot or not but you say you call her.

Titus: sorry, she carry phone commot.

Me: no, the phone dey house.

Titus: no just bother yourself. Believe me, anywhere she dey, she is safe.

Me: but I know just fit stay without her. You need to see her the way she dey when she hear the news. She dey very sad. My hope be say she never go commit suicide.

Titus: God forbid. Just drink your coke first. Later we will go to her house and check. Who knows? She might have decided to stay at home away from everyone.

Me: yes oo. That’s very sensitive of you. Please lets go.

I said standing up.

Titus: not so fast. Drink your coke first.

Me: ok, I will.

We hurriedly drank the coke and ate the meat pie. I wanted to pay but he quickly paid for everything. I thanked him and we all left.



we arrived at their huge mansion. It was difficult for me to find the place because I wasn’t use to that place and I don’t often visit her because we do stay at school.

Titus: are you sure this is the place?

Titus asked me in a surprised tone.

Me: yes, why did you ask?

Titus: wow, this girl is very very rich o.

Me: so you don’t know.

I said with a smile.

Me: too bad that with all this wealth, she is still very very sad. That’s why they say that money can’t buy life or else, her parents wouldn’t have been dead.

Titus: true.

We got closed to the gate and knocked for several hours before a gateman came outside.

Gateman: kai na who I be.

Me: I am Idris and this is my friend, his name is Titus. Please is Diana inside.

Gateman: no, I never see am for small madam I swear.

We begged the gateman thinking he was lying but all to no avail. We even bribed him. He collected the money and was still telling us the same thing.

Filled with frustration and disappointment, we turned back and came back to school with lost hope.



I was in my room preparing to go to church. I haven’t seen Diana for the past one week now. Well, Life have to continue.

If she truly loves me, she is gonna come back for me.

I have prepared finish when I heard a knock on the door.

Me: hello who is that.

Person: no answer

I decided to check who it was and when I got there, I was surprised to see about two policemen standing there with handcuffs in their hands and an ugly expression on their face.




Queen: it is time!! Tracy, open the lid of the WATER OF HOLIES.

Tracy: yes Queen mother.

She said and removed the cover.

The Queen mother and the eleven mermaid girls were all present. They have completed all the rites, all the prayers and initiation to transform me into a mermaid.

I was brought out of the WATER OF HOLIES, the whole place suddenly became dark and I came out from the coffin like structure, not as a human but a MERMAID.

What happened next?

Find out in the next exciting and thrilling episode of DIANA.

brought to you by: Mustapha Idris



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