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We sat there waiting for the next 30 minutes for both girls as the guys kept calling them. “we dey come” was always the reply at the end of the calls.

Finally Juliet was visible walking down towards us. Dark and tall, Blue leggings, All Black Isabel Marant sneakers, white floral chiffon top, camping bag on hand, Ray Ben shades. This chick was complete. When she got to where we were, she hailed guy 2 and the rest of us, ignoring guy 1.

She entered the car and came behind to where I and Frank were sitting. Frank moved making way for her to sit by the window and him in the middle. But i refused, pushing him to one end, making way for her to sit between me and the window. She just smiled as we behaved like two teenagers on heat before finally interjecting saying “don’t worry guys, I’ll seat between you two”

Taking her position, she placed her hands on both our laps saying “there we go”.. I swallowed nothing hard. Boy.., everything about this girls reeks of one with confidence and one who knows what she can do. Frank began to engage her in some little talks just as guy 3 alerted us that Ella was on her way.

I looked out the window to see her emerging from another corner of the street. Light skinned, average in height for a girl, White Bum shorts, red top, shades, hand bag, blue wedge sneakers… Wait a minute… WTF.. Ella was the same girl i saw in church during that family’s harvest thanksgiving procession… “Hehehehe, this trip is getting better” i said to myself

She entered sitting between guy 2 and 3. Minutes later, we were on ranch road heading towards the ranch. Interacting with juliet on the way, i got to know that she was actually friends with Guy 1 and that they had a biz that went sour, so that’s why she ignored him but it wasn’t serious as both were forming for each other.

Ella on the other hand just interacted with Guy 3 and Guy 1 in front. Jude was only interested in driving and his music. Within 40 minutes we were at the base of the ranch.

Jude alighted and signed us in, paying the gate fees and then drove us to the water park.

Within 10 minutes we were in after arguing with the attendant that we were all students so we could pay half the price. Unfortunately not even the girls had their students I.D card with them.

We took some group photos before proceeding to the changing room. The time was already 3:45pm and the attendant at the changing room told us she was closing for the day, hence we take our clothing with us.

A family of about 6 were just leaving the pool when we headed out of the changing room. They had just turned off the power generating set, hence the slides, fountain and jacuzzi weren’t working at the Fun pool, so we decided to move over to the standard pool.

Minutes later, both girls emerged from the female changing room. Juliet had a one piece swimwear and a scarf tied around her waist, while Ella was on two piece Bikini, both still putting on their sneakers.

Guys 1 and 2 had already begun smoking and drinking. But my eyes were on Ella, although she was chubby, all i saw in her was my favourite por.n star “Audrey Bitoni” (google her to get a description). But all the while we hadn’t spoken to each other and severally she caught me staring at her booobs.

We all got into the water, except Guy 3 and Ella who just stood out and lit herself a cigarette from the pack Guy 1 kept.

Nervously i exited the pool and walked up to her. In all sincerity i didn’t know what i was gonna say to her, but reminding myself of the fact that i’ve got fury between my legs, i still went ahead.

FYI, i seriously s--k at chatting up girls i admire. I’ve got absolutely no punch line, hence the major reason i admire slim girls with big titties but have never dated or approached one before. Except my first love sha.

But in a way, sheer providence have always made it possible for me to get laid. Although not as much or with whom i would have preferred.

Sorry for digressing…

“you know, i was hoping you could teach me how to swim!” i said trying to maintain my composure.

Puffing she asked “so how do you know i can swim?”

“Easy, the best always wanna allow amateurs show themselves first” i replied.

“Don’t be too sure of yourself, i might actually have a phobia for water” she said revealing a lovely set of dimples

Since she made the discussion easy for me to flow, i decided to pour myself some yogurt to maintain my cool.

“A thousand bucks says Ella swims better than you Frank” i called out to him in the water. Frank is actually a water demon.

Then turning to face her i said “A person with phobia for water wouldn’t be putting on the most sexy two piece Bikini I’ve seen physically by the pool side”

“you are not serious fury” she replied smiling before adding “so you haven’t seen something like this before”?

“nah, only in pages of fashion mag and Hollywood movies” i replied feeling i had just delivered a line.

Puffing out some more she asked, “So where exactly do you come from?”

Taken aback by the question I answered “I’m a Nigerian” maintaining a straight face and my cool

“Hahahaha, leave me alone Fury…. Of course i know you are a Nigerian, just that you strike me like someone who’s always indoors, hence by now you would have seen sexier Bikinis than this” she took a sip of the McDowell drink in her cup while maintaining eye contact with me

I watched her for some seconds till she put the cup down before replying her.

“Whatever, nothing changes the fact that you look absolutely stunning in your two piece, which on its own looks lovely”.

Then taking her hand and pulling with a little force, i added “Come on, come show us what you’ve got”.

“okay ok ok, lemme finish my stick.” said as i released my grip on her hand.

By now Frank and Juliet were all over the pool. Jude was now walking towards us, Guy 1 and 2 were on the diving board. Guy 3 wouldn’t not touch the water.

Joining us, Jude just took for himself a bottle of coke. I had felt he wad gonna mix with one of the alcohols like the other guys did, but he responded he doesn’t do alcohol also.

After about 5 minutes, taking my hand this time around, she said I’m ready. I followed her and watch her clim the diving board pushing guy 1 and 2 away.. Before i could say jack, she was in the water after an incredible “back-fleet”, some 12 ft below..

I was stunned. Ella swam like a swan. I joined her much later around the 6ft part and we sat together and talked about everything and nothings. Told her i was drooling when i saw her in church, her gown was awesome bla bla bla….

*fast forward*

30 minutes later, we were kissing and brushing bodies against each others.

Guy 3 still wouldn’t touch the water making the rest of the group forcefully take hold of him to drop in the water.

Juliet told Guy 2 and Frank that she’ll give anyone of them head once the can show their d--k was bigger than the others.

Frank won the day, and me thinking she was kidding, she gave Frank head. Just about 10 up and down mouth movements on his d--k, with the rest of the group cheering. He didn’t c-m though.

Another family group just came around, took pictures and left almost immediately.

Grabbing my d--k under water, Ella said “I’m sure you would have lost out to frank!”

To which i whispered in her ears, “I’m a good 8inchs”

She kept on feeling it as she spoke saying “I’d love to see it”.. Just then Jude called out to me…

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