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signalled to me to come over to where he was so i could show him something on my phone which i dropped with the rest of the groups’ phones.

So stepping out to meet him, he pretended to be showing something to me on the screen as he said “Guy, this is a public place. I know we’re the only ones here, but we never can tell when anyone might show up. Would have asked you to go to the changing room, but its closed already.. So I’ll suggests you take her to the stream. Here being so empty, you don’t expect anyone to come that way by this time, but you have to hurry up because we don’t have that much time before that security dude come asking us out”

Looking stunned because i wasn’t sure she’ll be willing to go all the way i asked “would she agree?”

Jude: haha, girl Wey dey massage your d--k already, wetin remain? Dude, this girls are out to have fun, no dulling. Ope say u carry cd for wallet?

Me: No o. I mean yea, but not in my wallet, inside the bag.

Jude: nofin do you.. Just Hurry, i dey go Kaduna first thing tomorrow morning to pick some tourist. I need go change my car oil before place dark

Laughing, i went back to sit next to her after which i suggested we go to the stream. She didn’t even hesitate as we went about grabbing our towels, her bag and mine, then headed out for the stream. As we left we could hear the rest of the group whistling and making catcalls

“seems some people need privacy” i heard Franklin say, to which i made the middle finger gesture to him behind my back as i led her away.

Midway. I asked her to go along while i go back and get some refreshments. “Don’t be long” she said as i headed back to the group. When i got back, the boys were showing their diving skills while Juliet cheered on taking pictures.

“make Una dey here the dive enter water, me wan go dive enter Ella p---y” i said to myself as i went directly to where the drinks and cookies were, picking a bottle of McDowell’s, some cookies, my yogurt and two disposables.

I had to walk far up-course of the stream before i saw her lying on a rock in the water, though partly by the bank. Our bags where by the side.

I walked up to her to see her eyes closed (or i assumed because she had her shades on). I stood and stared (wine, cookies and yogurt in both hands), watching the rise and fall of her booobs as was breathing. I devoured her body with my eyes as looked from her feet up her knees, through her thighs and with a sharp intake of air (wishing i could stop my heart beat then), rested my eyes on her bikini bottom clad p---y.

At that instant fury twitched making me almost drop the items i held. I was lost at the sight before me just as the little sanity left in me came up with an excuse saying “guy, c as ur d--k dey charge for dis girl, u no no say na only mammy water dey fine like dis and dem dey sleep on top rock for water?”

I got scared Immediately as i looked further up her face only to see her hair laid neatly behind her. Just then, she brought me out of my trance saying”are you gonna join me, or keep staring at my p---y?” (spreading her legs wider for me in the process).

Now being the raining season, the current of the stream was high, so i couldn’t go in as i would have loved so i settled on a rock next to hers. My legs in the water (which was freezing cold), i placed the items on her own rock which was far bigger than mine.

She then sat up (her legs next to mine in the water) as i poured her as cup of wine. She took a sip and heaved a deep sigh saying “my feet hurts, my sneakers are tight”.

“why don’t you put your feet on my lap lemme give you a little massage” i said picking up her right leg from the water and placing it on my lap

Maintaining eye contact with me, she smiled as she took another sip asking “where’s the massage oil?”

“The water will do” i replied just as she lifted her other foot and placed on my lap. Going from one foot to the other, i did the little i knew about foot massage. Her feet were incredibly soft to touch, which made it easier for me.

“You’ve got some pretty awesome feet” i said. Without Saying anything she chuckled and laid down on her back taking another sip. I had barely touched my drink. After some few minutes of ankle massage, i started caressing her toes. By now, my feet where freezing cold in the water, but i endured because i saw some light at the tunnel’s end.

“Fury your hands are amazing” she said out of the blue, before adding “wish you could do that some other time” as she sat back up looking into my eyes. I could see the mutual attraction in the way she looked at me.

“By then it has to be your entire body that I’ll work on” i replied with a straight face hoping she got my cryptic message.

Again she chuckled. But this time around she started moving her free foot on my lap slowly. The slow motion and the soft nature of her foot began to take effect as fury began to kick up to full mast.

I adjusted, spreading my legs to give her more room, just as fury began making a tent. “hehehe, someone is excited with a foot massage” she said smiling as she stared at fury before removing her other foot from my hand and placing both feet by fury’s tent.

Like though she was looking for inspiration/courage, she emptied the remaining drink in her cup in one sip. Placing the cup down, she began to give me a foot job as she stroke fury up and down with her feet. I sat back and enjoyed the new sensation. This was a first.

After about 2minutes, she put her right foot through my waist line and began to tug down. I stood up assisting her to pull both the beach and swim shorts down together and leaving them around my thigh.

I sat back down on the cool rock with my bare butt cheeks. While i had stood ul briefly, she had placed her feet inside the water, so returning both feet to my d--k sent electric shocks all over my body, as her feet were cold from the freezing water.

Fury just kept nodding like a lizard between her feet. I needed a break, because i started to feel my balls chin, and i wasn’t ready/willing to c-m like this. I grabbed her right foot and taking it up, began s-----g on her toes one after the other. This was another first for me (and her also, as she later confessed).

As i s----d her toes, she moved her hand straight to her p---y and began to massage and rub through her bikini bottom. Just as i picked up her other leg to do same, she inserted her hand into her p---y and began to massage directly.

I didn’t spend much time on this foot as i placed it down after barely a minute. As i lowers the foot down, i stood up and began to lower my body over hers. I pulled her hand out of her p---y and taking it up to my mouth i kissed her fingers, then s----d on the middle and index fingers tasting her in the process (i wasn’t thinking straight then). While i did this, i maintained eye contact and i could see she was happy with that action.

Then i stood up taking her hand, i pulled her up and led her out of the stream to the lawn grasses by the bank where our bags were. Then i turned to face her as i kissed her. The kiss was brief as i then instructed her to sit on the grass.

She sat as i knelt beside her and resumed the kissing as i began to massage her booobs. Then i began to push her down without breaking the kiss. Then i positioned myself between her spread legs and went down on her kiss her p---y through her bikini bottom.

Then grabbing the bikini by the sides, i tugged down as she raised her hips to give way. Her p---y was revealed to me in all its glory. She had shaved all around and left some pubic hairs just over her cl*t in a V-shape. As funny as it was to me, the dark colour of the hair on her light ski, made it amazing to look at.

Then lowering my head, i kissed around the her p---y lips, licking all around before taking her cl*t in my mouth to s--k on. As i did this. I saw her massaging her booobs with one hand and licking another finger. Then lick it usually is with ladies, she rested her hand in my head and began grinding her p---y into my face.

This went on for about 5 minutes, me breaking off only when i noticed her breathing become irregular. I now began to kiss my way up her body, through her belle button and finally to her assets which where still being covered partly by the bikini top.

Pulling the top aside to reveal pinkish areolas and very dark erect nips, i began to s--k on them. I bit them (i.e holding them with my teeth), licked them and then suckled on them.

I began to pull my shorts down, just as i reached for my bag and pulled out a condom. Breaking the s-----g, I tore it open and wore on my fury adjusting it properly. Then i went down on her again, resuming the kiss, this time on her lips.

As we kissed, i held fury in one hand and guided it into her warm and wet receptive p---y. In a single slow t----t, i touched bottom as i felt my balls on her p---y lips.

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