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As i laid on the bed, i began to hear the sound of the tv. Super sport Blitz channel was on. Then i heard them (frank n Fay) walk in.

For what ever reason, Frank didn’t return to the room as he remained in the living room watching highlights of the weekends’ sports activities.

Then it began to make sense to me, Fay had turned the Tv on in an attempt to keep Frank in the living room. And it worked. But how then did she know Blitz channel would come on? Perhaps knowing he’s addicted to the television, she didn’t mind the Channel.

Then finally i slept off only to wake up to Frank’s movement around the room.

Me: When be mass?

Frank: 10.. Because of the ongoing family harvest them shift am from 9am to 10.

I checked the time on my phone, 7:30am

Me: so na which parish? St. Charles?

Frank: no o, na the new parish. RCM.

Me: chicks dey there?

Frank: Dem dey, but na people wey get head dey worship for RCM. Na strict parish be this one.. FCE girls full St. Charles, you fit follow them go there monkey..

“I no wan go dey look boring and ugly people o” I added as i got up and headed into the bathroom to do my morning hygiene and ease myself.


By 9:50 we were already in the church’s premises. The first mass was still on. Standing by the car we talked about nothing in particular, just as i noticed Jude drive in.

Me: Jude worships here?

Thought he lives in ranch road? St. Charles is closer to him abi?

Frank: yes, but they were living around this side of town before moving to their personal residence there at ranch road.

Fay: His mum is in the church committee also

Me: Would have been surprised

Jude drove around and parked next to where we parked and came out to join us.

By 10:30 we were seated inside the church, mass had begun. I, Jude and Frank sat somewhere behind while Fay made her way to the middle section.

The church obviously was still under construction but the inside had been completed or was near completion

We managed to stay quiet untill when families were called upon for their thanksgiving procession.

Jude: guys, ow today wan be na?

Frank: make we go swim for ranch

Jude: just three of us? Lets sit out somewhere. Say the clubhouse?

Frank: That has to be later in the evening the

Me: so what are we gonna do till then?

Jude: this mass no go finish till like 12.. Before we reach house, chop, sleep, evening don reach

Me: Guy i don dey hungry sef.

Frank: favour prepare stew yesterday.. Na to go boil rice after mass.

Me: omo i fit die before then o… Just then i saw one light skinned girl join a family for their procession to the alter.

Her gown had actually caught my attention as i tapped Jude who was by my side to check that check out

Jude: she no sad, but i Neva see am for this parish before

Frank: probably that family’s harvest brought her here.

We continued chatting untill the mass was over (the church wardens reproaching us severally. No wonder Frank said this parish was strict). Frank was always one to start up the discussion


By 12:20 the mass was over.. Fay joining us, we took some snap shots before entering the car. Jude said he was going to see a friend who lives near the church.

He drove ahead of us and getting to the turn leading to where he was going to, negotiated the bend.

Me: who’s he going to see?

Fay: Guy 1..

Me: Guy 1 dey around? (He was also an ex FGCV student, though mates with Fay, he was very friendly to junior students back in sch)

Fay: yea.. He lives there

Me: mummy Fay, hunger dey o (i said turning back to look at her)

She was sitting behind Frank and responded pointing to her crotch area, “come eat me na!”.. Because you are hungry, you remember call me mummy.

Smiling i turned to face the front saying “you na mumsy of the house na”

“I boiled rice already, just to fry plantain is what is left” she said laughingly

Frank: when you boil rice?

Fay: when you were in the room


We got home and minutes later where on the dinning table eating when Frank’s phone rang

Frank: Jude ow far?….ok….. Time ?….. Ok…. We dey eat now… Ok… Till then..

Frank: Jude said we should go to the ranch, that Guy 1 said let them hang out later in the day and he told them we had suggested the ranch and he said ok. And that’s he’s gonna call Guy 2 to see if he’s interested

Me: No wahala.. Time?

Frank: By 2

Fay: Any room for girls?

Frank: abeg no spoil show na, make mumsy come dey halla say we all comot for house abi?

Fay: oh, i don hear. Make Una enjoy. Buy yogurt hold me (she said looking at me)

Frank: na bottom hill we dey go. Just to swim. We’re not going up.


By 1:30, Jude was outside the gate. Frank’s parents had returned and we told them we were going out.

After packing our towels, body lotion and two swimming boxers ( both belonging to Frank) in my shuttle bag, i still took my beach short along. I’m never comfortable wearing that tiny swim shorts without fury giving people a show. So i always wear a beach short over a swim boxers whenever i go swimming (can’t swim actually, so I’ll say whenever i go playing to a pool/beach)

Getting out the gate we saw Guy 1, 2 and Jude jamming away in the car. After all the hailing’s, we where on our way to pick Guy 3 whom Guy 2 (also an ex Fedivite) had informed of the trip and he said he was game.

On our way, Guy 2 suggested we added some girls so it doesn’t look like a gay trip. Jude said he had invited his gf and her sis but they said it was too prompt

Guy 1 talking to Guy 2 asked about Juliet and her friends. After much debating he called her that we were going swimming if she could tag along.. She asked us to pick her up. But her friends weren’t around.

On picking guy 3, he learnt we were going to pick a girl in Calabar lane, he dialed another girl, Ella (from Emmanuelle) asking if she was game, and she said yes.

Guy 1: na that Ella wey dey near where Dem dey show ball for Calabar lane? (he was asking guy 3)

Guy 3: yes, dat Boki (a LGA in cross river state known for pretty and light skinned girls) girl with small scar on her chin

Guy 1, omo these girls no mind fvck all of Una if Una want. Confirm runs girls.. No time..

In my mind i was like “hehehe, thank God i carry condom for bag”

Now these were all students of the Federal College of Education (FCE) in the town. Ideally they were supposed to be on break, but since the COEASU 6 months strike had just been called off, the town was packed full with students, and Calabar lane happens to be a hub for (according to them) runz girls.

Being an MPV, Jude’s car could take up to 7 people comfortably. We stopped by a super store and we all got down to pick what ever we needed for the trip.. McDowell’s, Cigarettes, wines, disposables, short bread cookies etc..

Since yours truly don’t do cigarettes or alcohols, i got myself my favourite chi yogurt and some cookies..

Guy 1 had suggested we stopped over yo get these items giving the girls time to get ready..

Jude by the wheel, Guy 1 in front with him, Guy 2 and 3 took the middle seats and I and Frank were behind. We drove into Calabar lane playing some unnecessary loud music. Thank God i was behind (tinted glass), I’ve never been one who loved public attention.

The street was bad (surprisingly), so we could only go in a little and park awaiting the girls.

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