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Madam: common igwe….

Me: i mean it ooo…

Madam: i can’t go out now to buy it whereas
how do you expect a married lady like me to go and buy so a thing?

Me: other married ladies do that,
so yours can’t be an abomination.

Madam: why do you insist on using condom?

Me: i have a feeling that you might get pregnant.

Madam: * she moved her hand down to my dickson and tried to unfold my palms that i used to cover my d--k. * ok… Use withdrawal method.

Me: am not good in that….

Madam: anything that happen,
i wouldnt blame you…

Me: you said so?

Madam: yes….

*** i unfolded my palms to give her free access to my d--k.
She grabbed it and robbed the head and looked straight to my eyes for some minute and said to me,”can i suck you?”
chai! Dis lady don spoil finish ooo…
My oga marry am thinking that she is a wife material,
he no knw say na dog wey im carry put for house.
Abi na my oga teach am all this things.

I hate that”’ i Replied.
She pulled off my trouser and shirt and i laid down on the floor and she pulled herself on me…

She held my dickson and inserted it to her p–sy slowly and started moving her waist to and fro.
After some minutes,i pulled her down and dragged her to resting chair in that parlour and laid her well.
I departed her legs for full penetration,
i inserted my dickson slowly and
she gave me a welcome moan and i kicked off.
I was moving my waist to and fro fast and she was giving me a motivational moan.
Oooooh! Arrrrrrrrrrrh! F--k me harder!

I really miss it!
Give me a baby! Omg! Omo if u see a kind of strength wey dey my body dat day,
u go confess.
I f----d her to the point that her legs started shaking after she cummed twice.
We relocated on the floor and i continued,
i f----d her for more than 45mins before i wanted to c-m and i withdrow my dickson from her p–sy and she pushed it inside
her p–sy.
Use your c-m and quench the hotness of my p–sy, she said.
As i was filling her honeypot with my c-m,
she was shaking her waist in pressure .

Thereafter, i stood up and i went to the bathroom and she followed me…

We bath together and i went inside my room, i dried my body and reclined on my bed.
What have i done to myself?
My boss will find out one day about this.
But why did this lady love s-x like food?
Was she a prostitute before my boss met her?
Or was she doing this for a reason?
Igwe you have to wake up and fight her once and for all and focus on what you came here to do.

Your dad is late and your senior brother,no body knw his whereabout and your junior brother hopes on you for survival,
how will they feel when my boss find out and send me packing,
not only packing but to prison and from there to the village?
All this was what my mind was telling me that day..
I decided not to have anything to do with any girl more especially my madam.
I was just ashamed of myself.
She called me in the parlour and i went there with a frowned face and she asked”Are you hungry and why is your face like this? ”
am not hungry,i replied.

She insisted to knw what the problem is but i told her am ok…
I left the parlour and entered my room,
i couldnt eat that nite and i was awake all through the nite.
I woke up on Monday morning and did my morning duties and prepared to market,
before i could wear my cloth and come out,
my madam was already in the kitchen,
i greeted her and was about to go,
she called me back. ***

Madam: come and drink your tea before you go.

Me: am not hungry.

Madam: you didnt eat dinner last nite and this
morning, you still refuse to eat.
Tell me what is the problem? * i couldnt utter any word to her *
common,,,tell me what the problem is.

Me: there is no problem,am

Madam: then why are you moody and why are you refusing your food?

Me: am not hungry,that’s all.

Madam: why are you moody?

Me: *** na waoh! See me,
see wahala ooo… Why all dis questions naw? I just want her to free me so
Faked a smile*** am ok aunty.

Madam: but you have to drink tea before you go.

Me: * lied * if i put anything in my mouth this
will vomit that’s why i told you that am not hungry.

Madam: ok no problem but try and buy tablet in the market and drink, it might be malaria.

Me: ok… I will *** i left to the market.
When i got to the market,ijeoma and Amanda was already in the market,they have cleaned everywhere and i went straight to my chair.
Ijeoma asked me??, ”why am i cool”
i told her that am ok.
Amanda was busy starring at me.

In the afternoon, i told Amanda that we will go to the warehouse so stocks bcos her work in our office is to make sure that the goods are intact while Ijeoma was incharge of sale book for proper account.
Why i made such decision that day was that we are less busy.
We left, leaving only Ijeoma.

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