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When we got to the warehouse, i opened it.
We entered, we did some cleaning,
after we have finish checking the stock. When i want to close the warehouse,
Amanda told me that she forgot something inside,
she entered and i followed her to help her look for the thing she forgot. ***

Me: what did you forgot?

Amanda: * she drow me closer * actually,i didnt forgot anything.

Me: hmmm.

Amanda: why are you moody since morning and
did our boss finally came back?

Me: * i step backward * no,it was her wife that called me with his number.

Amanda: hmmm. I hope she didnt shout on you,
when you came back?

Me: why not she did.

Amanda: maybe,that’s why you are moody since morning.
My dear cheer up and forget all those things. Don’t ever attempt to fall for her again or you get yourself to be blame.

Me: Amanda could you believe that yesterday she forced me to have s-x with her.

Amanda: i hope you resisted her?

Me: lemme tell you the truth,
i couldnt resist her…

Amanda: why did you do that? You shouldnt have fall for her.

Me: Amanda am so so confuse now.

Amanda: igwe am so disappointed in you,
i have told you to deviate yourself from her in terms of s-x issue.

Me: it was all my fault,
i feel guilty after the act. My consent can’t stop whipping me since yesterday,
i couldnt eat last nite and even this morning. My prayer now is for my boss to come back and rescue me
from that lady. Amanda if you have any advice to give to me,you
better do bcos i knw she must definitely come again.

Amanda: and you will definitely fall for her again right?

Me: Amanda that’s not what i expected from me.
As a girl wey u be,u suppose knw una weak point, wetin i fit do make she avoid me sexually.

Amanda: my dear,women can’t resist men sexually no matter anything. But i advice you to sit her down one day and talk sense in her, i think she can understand you.

Me: you don’t knw that jezebel am leaving with.
*** Is almost late,
we went back to the shop,
ijeoma was unhappy bcos i saw it on her face. I asked her what the problem is and she shouted on me,that i should leave her alone.
Bathlomeo signalled me outside to come out and i refused and sat back on my chair.

In the evening,when we closed,
Amanda left and i followed ijeoma.
I persuaded her to tell me what the problem is but she couldnt say anything to me.
I entered bus and went home.
When i entered the house,
my madam was in the parlour enjoying herself with pear and roasted corn,
i greeted her and she responded wella and she told me to bath and come that she has something for me,
i said ”ok” and entered my room.

I took my bath and entered the sitting room and sat down.
She asked me,how was my day and everything.

She entered her room and came out with a bag,
she handed it over to me,my mouth was widely opened.
She also gave me a vehicle key.
I was still looking at her ***

Madam: open the bag i gave to you naw.

*** i opened it and it contains,
Three trousers,two short nickers,one shoe,a wrist watch,a necklace,three shirts and two polo. ***

Me: who has this?

Madam: they are all yours.

Me: * amazed * me! who bought it?

Madam: i bought it for you,i just want to use it to appreciate you.

Me: * confused * appreciate me! How?

Madam: my dear stop asking questions and take this inside. You even deserve more than this.

Me: aunty please am no more a kid…..

Madam: my dear,you wouldnt understand.

Me: and what about the key you gave me?

Madam: my husband bought a bus, and he told me to hand the key over to you.
He said you should be using it to convey goods from the warehouse to the shop.
And thirdly, that you should look for something that will teach you how to drive that he will be back once the goods are ready in China.

Me: * feeling so happy * ok. But where is the bus?

Madam: it is outside the gate.

Me: thank you so so much for the suprise and everything, i appreciate.

Madam: you are welcome my dear.

Me: *** out of happiness,
i pecked her *** lemme go and see the bus outside .

Madam: ok… When you are through,go to the kitchen,
there is a roasted corn and pears i kept for you inside the electric oven.

Me: thank you.

*** i went out and i saw it,i opened it and entered.
Thereafter, i went back to the house. ***

Me: i have seen it…

Madam: ok… The whole papers are with me,
so whenever you need them, you let me knw.

Me: ok.

Madam: my husband’s cousin sister will be coming soon to stay with us till her jamb result will be out.

Me: ok. No problem.

*** i left to my room with so much joy in me.
I slept like a baby in his cradle that nite.

When i went to market the next day,i didnt tell anybody what happened.

One week later,my madam started adding weight and i was wondering,
if she is pregnant or what?
One evening i was with her in the parlor,when someone knocked and i opened the door.
Who i saw was Jenny(princess friend)

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