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*** I was like,gush! what have i done to myself?
My mood changed that moment and i departed from her… ***

Amanda: who is that? * i was muted * what is the problem? Lets Continue now…

Me: i have to go now…

Amanda: who called you?

Me: its our boss.

Amanda: he is still outside the country now,so you don’t have to be worried. You would have pick his call.

Me: he called me with his Nigerian number.

Amanda: what! Please you have to go now ***i wore my cloth sharperly,
the call came again and i summoned courage and picked the call ***

Me: hello, good evening sir.

Caller: * a female voice * where are you?

Me:* i was amazed * am on my friend’s place.

Me: before i will open my eyes and close it,make sure you are back or you get yourself to be blame.

*** it was then that i realised that
the caller was my madam,
i couldnt reply her and i aborted the call.
I rushed outside without Saying bye to Amanda.
What is happening now?
Was it my boss that gave her his phone to call me?
Or did my boss left his phone at home and travelled?
I decided to enter bike instead of bus.
When i got home with my heart beating so fast,
i opened the door and entered,i
saw my madam in the parlour.
I greeted her but she couldnt reply me and
i greeted her again and she still couldnt reply me.

I saw my boss phone on the table beside her and i asked her about him but she shouted on me. ***

Me: am sorry *** i entered my room and immediately,
she called me and my mind skipped.
I rushed to the parlour ***

Madam: * with a harsh voice * where have you been since afternoon?

Me: i went to visit my friend.

Madam: did you inform me??

Me: no…

Madam: so you are now taking decisions into your hand.
Is it bcos we are not harsh on you?
We gave you free access to every single thing in this house and you are talking it for granted right.

Me: am sorry aunty for not informing you…

Madam: how am i sure,
you havent started following all this small small girls. Am beginning to suspect you…

Me: hmmm…..

Madam: * with a calmed voice come closer. i stood the way i am * come and sit down,
there is something i want us to discuss.

Me: am listening.

Madam: i don’t want you to be standing. * i sat on a sofa beside me * i said, come closer and sit beside me.

Me: am comfortable here.

Madam: you can’t be my dear * she abandoned her sit and came closer to me * am sorry for starving you sometimes and all my harsh words on you…

Me: aunty you dont have to be sorry,
i knw that one day you must realise your mistakes.
But aunty,has broda(my boss) came back?

Madam: no but he will come back very soon,
maybe at the middle of the week.

Me: * so na bcos of dat na im make she call me make we reconcile * did he left his Nigerian number?

Madam: yes,i called you with his number so that you will come back immediately. * she sat beside me and crossed her hands on my neck and pecked me*

Me:I want to ask you a question…

Madam: go ahead dear….

Me: assuming your husband find out one day,
that we are having an affair, what will be your fate and mine?

Madam: he wouldnt find out or are you praying for that?

Me: am not praying for that but
atleast we have to think ahead incase.

Madam: igwe forget that…

Me: what if you got pregnant ?

Madam: am i not married.

Me: you knw your husband has been away for some months now…

Madam: leave that to me,i will handle it.

Me: am just afraid,bcos i don’t want to go back to the village.

Madam: feel free my dear and
don’t be afraid,
you can never go back to the village.

Me: hmmm….. i just pray so..
*** she laid her head on my shoulder and whispered to me,
”’am in the mood ”’
please we have to forget about it for today,
am very very fatigue, i replied. ***

Madam: * with an emotional voice am feeling so h---y and only you can help me out… ** she scrolled her hand down to my dickson and i had
an erection instantly.
Before i could knw what was going on, she had already unbelt me and dipped her hand inside my boxer and broughtout my dickson and i held her hand ***

Me: please aunty,lets just stop this for now…

Madam: please igwe,you are punishing me…
*** she stood up and undressed herself and everything was now visible,
i looked at her boobs and scrolled my eyes down to her p–sy and her attracting lips,
my phallic became hard and hot, i used my two hands and held my phallic. ***

Madam: don’t tell me you will still resist me as i am…

she moved closer to me and pulled herself on me

Me:wait! Wait! Wait! I will do it in one condition…

Madam: what condition?

Me: i cant have raw s-x with you,

is either you go and buy condom or you forget it…

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