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*** how will i go about this naw,chai! The problem is that i don’t knw how to approach a girl for the first place.

How do i raise a conversation between both of us??

Taaaaaaa who you be?

No be woman wey you be.. i summoned courage and
stood up and moved closer to her table,she was gave me a suprised look ***

Me: please don’t be angry,what is your name?

Girl: is that why you have been staring at me as if you have met me before.

Me: my dear don’t mind me ooo,
i find it so difficult to talk to girls.

Girl: that’s good..

Anyway my name is Ijeoma.

Me: waoh! That’s nice.

Ijeoma: thank you.

Me:please don’t be offended ooo,
are you from this onitsha?

Ijeoma: no,am from Enugu.

Me: waoh! Me too...

Ijeoma: hmmm…..

Me:please,i want you to help me teach me the prices of our goods and their names. * igwe see boring conversation *

Ijeoma: ha,if i don’t then who will?

Just calm down ok,with time you will catch up.

Me: since there is no customer in our shop and we are less busy,

why can’t you teach me some of them now?

Ijeoma: as you can see,am going through our sales book,
maybe when am through then i can teach you some.

Me: no problem.

*** i came out of our shop and stood at the entrance of our shop,

my eyes were going round in our line,

one guy that was like me,the same body,same stature,the same height but our complexions are different cos he is black and am chocolate.
He came to me and we had a hand shake,

my name is bathlomeo and you? Asked the guy.

Am igwe’ i replied.

Bathlomeo: is like you are new here?

Me: yes

Bathlomeo: welcome bro….

Me: thank you…

*** we started discussing and from that day we became friends that are inseparable.
After like one month,i
was able to learn many things in the market with the help of Ijeoma and bathlomeo .

One evening,after i have done with my evening activities and dinner,
my boss called me in the parlour and i rushed in***

Boss: emmm…how do you see that our business?

Me: is good sir.

Boss: ok…i think you have learnt enough.

Me: yes sir.

Boss: you are so industrious to Keep it up. This your simcard you have to remove it and i will buy a new one for you so that you can be able to concentrate well in our business to avoid disturbance from your friends in the village. I hope you understand me??

Me: yes sir.

Boss: so if you get to the market tomorrow,
buy a new simcard

Me: yes sir.

Boss: and secondly,i have stayed long in Nigeria bcos of you cos i want you to be fully settled before i leave the country. I will travel back to China tomorrow so keep the good work you have started,
obey your madam as you always do,
please another one is,
please! Please! And Please!,
be very careful in our shop and very mindful about our customers.

Me: no problem sir.

Boss: remove your simcard and give me

*** thank God,that i have written down all my contacts,
i removed my simcard and gave to him.***

Boss: i hope you understood what i said.

Me: yes sir.

Boss: you can go back to your room.

*** i went inside my room and was thinking how the days will be without my boss around. The next morning, i greeted him and wish him safe journey before i went to market.

I opened our shop and swept everywhere before one of our sales girls came(the black one).
We greeted as usually and she went to her sit.

I havent discuss with this one,
how will i initiate a chat with her?

I looked at her and opened my mouth to talk to her but i couldn’t bcos i don’t knw what to say and she noticed that i want to talk to her and she smiled at me ***

Girl: igwe is like you find it so hard to talk to me,why bcos i have been monitoring you?

Me: nothin is just that am scared to talk to girls.

Girl: those girls wey you dey bleep before you come here nko,how you take talk to them?

Me: * i was a bit shy * i no dey do girl friend things ooo.

Abeg i never knw your name.

Girl: but you dey hear when oga dey call me Amanda.

Me: forgive me Amanda.

Amanda:see you swear say you never bleep any girl?

Me: i can swear with my…….

Amanda: is ok holy boy.

*** ijeoma entered and looked at us and she sat on her sit muted. I tried
all i can to make her smile but nowhere before customer entered our shop.

One evening when i came back from market,
my madam wasn’t at home and i entered the bathroom and left the bathroom door open bcos there is no one at home and was bathing,
when i finish bathing and i turn around and saw my madam stood at the entrance of our inner passage and was looking at my nakedness.

To Be Continued..

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