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*** when i turned around and saw her staring at me,
i quickly grabbed my towel and tied it on my waist and ran inside my room.

Chai! I don die,which face will i use to stand before her again???

Who even told me to open the bathroom door??

What will she be thinking naw???

But wait, why was she staring at me??

Many thought were running through my mind for that moment.

She called me and i worn my cloth sharply and
rushed to her room door.
She told me to come in and i entered
while my
heart was beating so fast.
She continue looking at me,
she was staring at me for more than
3mins and i was like, God what have i done to myself??

I wish that Moment,

that the ground will open and swallow me. ***

Me: am so sorry for what happened,i
promise you that it wouldnt happen again. *** she was still looking at me and i was a bit confuse.

After for a moment she told me to go by waving at me…

I left her room and entered mine.

I was as cold as an interior dog nose,
she prepared
our dinner and as i was eating the food,it seems as am drinking water bcos my mind wasn’t at rest.

In the morning,i prepared to market,

when i got to the market,
Bathlomeo my friend was already in the market,
we greeted but he noticed that am not happy bcos of my mood that morning***

Bathlomeo: guy how far naw,why your face come dey like this naw??? * i didnt reply him * abeg gist me jareh, wetin happen?

Me: guy make i open shop first, okwu juru munwa bu awo onu.

*** i opened our shop and swept it and cleaned everywhere,
before i went to bathlomeo to explain ***

Bathlomeo: guy my ear dey scratch me,abeg yarn me…

Me: guy i dey for big wahala as i dey talk to you…

Bathlomeo: wetin happen?

Me: yesterday wey i go home,
when i come reach house,
my madam no dey so i come enter bathroom make i baff , i come leave the bathroom door open bcos na only me dey house.

After i com baff finish ,make i turn my face,
i com see my madam stand dey look me as i dey naked.

Bathlomeo: guy wahala dey,wetin she com talk naw???

Me: she called me that nite,i com enter her room,
she just dey look at me,i com dey beg am make im forgive me for wetin i do,
she didnt say anything to me,she com wave her hands make i dey go.


Wetin com be her problem naw???

Me: i no knw.

Bathlomeo: she don born?

Me: no…

Bathlomeo:your oga dey town?

Me: he don fly out of the country. So na only me and she dey.

Bathlomeo: guy dis is your opportunity to take una house.

Me: what do you mean?

Bathlomeo: see,

your madam like wetin she see for that bathroom but she no knw how to open up.

Me: i don’t understand you…

Bathlomeo: guy just calm down,you go understandam when the time comes.

Me: so wetin you go advice me make i do naw???

Bathlomeo: nothin much than to be very careful and another one be say,make you dey conscious of your actions and
And your words. With time you go understand wetin dey for her mind.

Me: thank you jareh…

Bathlomeo: just ignore her for now..

Me: ok…

***i entered inside our shop,
after for some minute,
ijeoma came to market and sat on her sit.

I couldn’t talk to her,
she dimmed her eyes at me and i was busy with my phone.

She asked me what the problem is and i told her that am fine.

But you are so cold today” she said.

Its just that i have an inner headache ” i replied.

So sorry my dear. I asked her about the other girl and she told

me that she is not feeling fine,that she can’t come.
After sales for that day,thank God i sold above the price we were instructed to sell and i pocket the above money.
I went home that even and opened our door and entered the house,

you knw eyes can never stop seeing bad things. Immediately i passed through our parlour,i heard some moan coming from the bathroom and i looked straight to the bathroom and the bathroom door was unlock…

Chai!!! What i saw shocked me.

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