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*** We arrived in his house in the evening.

He lives in onitsha,Awada precisely in anambra state.

Immediately we came down from the car, a beautiful pretty damsel came out of the house and embraced and kissed my boss.

Chai! I com remember how i dey do am with princess and Mrs sharp sharp. The lady was average in height,her skin made her to look like an Americans,her boobs was moderate and firm,

she also has a pointed noise. Seeing all this her beauty and other things,

i started imagining myself with her.

My boss turn to me ***

Boss: * he points at her igwe this is Anita my wife. he points at me * honey this is igwe our new boy.

Me: good evening ma.* i lowered my head small as a sign of respect to her *

Anita: good evening igwe,
how are you?

Me: am fine ma..

Anita: welcome

Me: thank you ma.

*** she went to the boot and broughtout my luggages,
i took the luggages from her and we all went inside the house.

My boss told his wife to show me my room and she
She led me to my room ***

Anita: this is your room,
feel free and relax ok.

This is our house and also your house.

Me: thank you ma..

Anita: you are welcome.

*** she left,
i droped my bag and unziped it,
i broughtout my jersey and remove the previous one i worn.

I entered bathroom and took my bath and went back to my room.

I called my mum to inform her that we are now in onitsha,
she was very glad. After the call, i helped my madam in the kitchen bcos am use to cook.

She was suprise when i entered the kitchen to help her.

After we are through with cooking,
she served me food bcos she brought
it to my room.

When am through with the food,i took it to the kitchen and washed all the plates that we made use of that nite and pots also. Chai! I can’t even remember the last time i wash plate and pot when am still in my father’s house.

My boss called me in the parlour and i rushed in ***

Boss: have you finish eating?

Me: yes sir.

Boss: sit down * i sat down * welcome to my house.

Me: thank you sir.

Boss: well i deal on plumbin materials, i import it from China and we sell it here in onitsha. I don’t normally base in Nigeria but its just that i married early this year. So i knw with time you can be able to understand the condition of the market.

Me: ok sir.

Boss: i have two sales girls that work for me,so tomorrow i will go with you to the market. So feel at home here, if you have any problem,
don’t hesitate to lemme knw or my wife.

Me: no problem sir.

Boss: but there is only one thing that i need from you,
always tell me the truth. So whenever anything happen, just tell me how it happens and even if you are at fault i will still correct you ok,i
bcos nobody is above mistake and i promise that you will never regret coming here ok…

Me: thank you sir,am very grateful for this piece of advice you gave to me… I promise to be royal and you will not regret ever bringing me to your house. Thank you sir.

Boss: you are welcome. You can now go back to your room.
*** i went back to my Room,
i slept off and woke up by 5am and swept the whole house and tidy some certain things
and got prepared and wait for my boss to wake up.

Soon my madam woke up and prepared breakfast and we ate and i left with my boss to the market.

When we got to the shop,his two sales girls had opened the shop and tidy everywhere. When we entered our shop,his two sales girls greeted him and one of them looked at me.
Omg! One of the sales girls is tall and fair in complexion,
with a nice boobs while the second one is average in height and black in complexion. My eyes couldn’t go off from the fair one.

My boss introduced me to them .

After the introduction,
my boss sat down and checked the sales book, after that he stood up and told the black one to follow him to the warehouse that they want to check some goods and they left,
leaving only the fair one with me.

I was sited on a customer’s chair and she was sited on her table.

I started staring at her,
after for some minute of staring at her,she looked at me and our eyes met.

She became a bit shy. Chai! Igwe this is your opportunity to go closer to this babe.

I looked at her again and our eyes met and she smiled.

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