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As we engaged in a hot romance,
Jenny entered and walked inside the bedroom,
we were distracted by her movement and i stood up and walked out of the parlour.

Princess followed me and we walked out of the compound.


Me: what is the meaning of that unnecessary movement?

Princess: i don’t knws what her problem is.

Me: anyway shaa i dont blame her.

But where is her parent?

Princess: Her father is late and her mother went to omugwo,
so she was the only one at home now.

Me: owk… I have to go naw.

Princess: * she looked at me and frowned *

Me: * i tapped her * what’s that look for and why is your face like this naw???

* she didnt reply me and still with a frowned face * chai!!! Princess you are so beautiful whenever you frown your face so keep it up and don’t smile inorder not to spoil your beauty.

Princess: * she smiled *

Me: that’s my baby,now you come…

Princess: * she laughed * you always decieve me with this your funny words.

Where do you want to go?

Me: to my house ofcourse.

Princess: just like that? You don’t even want to give me anything to use in remembering you?

Me: you should have told me earlier naw.

Why wouldnt you postpone your travelling tomorrow to next tomorrow? You knw we need to have a full day for ourselves.

Princess: you knw my father has fixed the day for my travelling and i can’t do anything about it.

*** after we finish discussing,
i left her without uttering anymore word to her and she stand still there and watch me as i evacuate from that place. I don’t want to stay with her for long so that she wouldnt hurt my emotion if she travel.
When i got to the house,my phone rang, i checked and it was unknown number and i pickup ***

Me: hello,who is this?

Caller: hello igwe,have you reach house?

Me:please who is this?

Caller: is princess naw.

Me: owk… Who has this number you are calling me with?

Princess: my airtime have exhausted so Jenny borrowed me her phone.

Me: ok… Am at home

Princess: ok i just want to knw if you have reach home,bye

Me: bye too…

*** hangup,i sent a love text message to her and she replied me in the morning.

Before she travelled she called to inform me that she is set to go and i wished her save trip.
In the evening,she called and inform me that she had finally gotten to lagos and i thanked God for that.

One week later i didnt call her bcos i don’t want her absent to hurt my emotion.

One day,an unknwn number called me, i pickup ***

Me: hello.

Caller:* female voice * good evening.

Me: good evening, please who am i speaking with?

Caller: i saw this number on my phone and i call to knw who the person is.

Me: what is your name?

Caller: am Jenny and you?

Me: *** i recollected the day,
princess called me with her number ***

Me: am igwe.

Jenny: igwe how are you?

Me: am cool and you?

Jenny: am ok. So sorry for disturbing you,
i have remembered the day princess called you with my phone.

Me: no problem.

Jenny: i hope you guys have been communicating since she travelled?

Me: yes.

Jenny: thats so nice of you guys.

Me: thanks.

Jenny: uwl… Ok bye bye…..

Me: bye.

*** hangup, i started thinking about her,
her beauty and everything,atlast i decided to go after her but i don’t knw how to go about it since we are not living around
whereas am unaccustom to girls.

After one week,i haven’t call princess and Mrs sharp sharp. The thought that exaggerated my mind was how to go after Jenny,
i later decided to call princess,when i called her,her number was swift off,
i tried it many times but she the same thing.

I decided to call Jenny to ask her if she was able to connect her.

When i called she picked up,
i asked her if she was able to connect princess and she told me that,her number stopped going over one week naw.
I was worried what could be the problem? One Sunday my mum called me to knw my intention toward what we discussed earlier.

I told her that i have agreed to go,that she should contact the man.

My mum was happy.

My mum told me that the guy base in China but do business in Nigeria.

Mum has he married,i asked. Yes he married early this year and his wife lives in Nigeria,so it will be easy for you to cope with her, replied my mum.
Mum tell him when he is ready ,he should contact us and i left.
Few days later,i tried princess number again but it still the same thing.

I became more worried about her. Could her phone been stolen or her dad changed her sim??

One Saturday,a new sports camry entered our compound,soon a guy came of it and i Greeted him,
my mum entered and introduce him to me as my oga. Hmmm….. I greeted him again and he responded.
As he was discussing with my mum,

i entered inside and arranged my luggage,as they are through,my mum gave me some advice before we drove off..

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