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We deposited him in the mortuary so that all our kinsmen and relations will come.

On the day of the burial,
all my classmates came for condolence visit including Mrs sharp sharp.

Princess slept in our house for 2days before she left to her house.

After the burial,we started living fatherless.

Guys abeg make una love una padi when im still dey alive,
wheather he dey jobless or not,value him wella bcos u no knw a kind of things wey im dey do for u, the day wey u go remember dis na the day wey u go look forram and u no go see am.

We started living like someone who lives in an uncompleted building without roof. I started to help my mum in the farm work in order to make both ends meet,i applied more efforts and broughtout the best in me to do the farm work and also use it to console my mum so that she will not die too.
Soon our wassce result was out and glory be to God,i credited all my subjects,i called Mrs sharp sharp to inform her about my result and also thanked her bcos she was my backbone all through the exam,princess also scratched her own result and she also credited her own subjects.
One day,my mother summoned me in the parlour.***

Me: mum,this one you

summoned me,i hope all is well?

Mum: all is well but i want us to term together as husband and wife, you knw your father is no more alive and your senior brother is far from us so you are now the father of the house and also my husband.

Me: mum i knw,so lets heat the nail at the head.?

Mum: you have really tried for me through your effort in the farm and the courage you always give me.

I appreciate you so much, so keep the flag flying. I think you have really helped me alot and its time for you enter into the world and look for your destiny and stand like a man and defend your father’s property.

Me: mum,i don’t understand..

Mum: i want you to have something doing, not in this village but in the town.

Me: emmm, mum your plan is good. Chai! Death you have really dealt with me,ok but mum what is your plan towards that?

Mum: there is our family friend,who had been pleading with your dad when he is still alive for you to serve his son.

But your father refused bcos he want your to further your education.

And i think you have to go bcos as you can see,i wouldnt be to further your education.

Me:* i was irritated * mum,how can you suggest that? My brother is still with someone and you also want to send me out to go and serve someone that i don’t even knw.

Mum: am not sending you out…

Me: then what are you trying to do?

Mum: don’t misunderstand me ok,all am trying to do is for your own good and good of our family.

Me: mum am not going anywhere.

*** she started pleading with me but i kept dumb ears,
atlast i told her that she should give me some time lemme think about it.

One Sunday princess summoned me to her friend’s house,she text me the address bcos i haven’t been there before and i didnt even knw that her friend.

So when i got there,she
havent come yet,i called her on phone and she told me that she will soon come,i hang up.
Her friend ushered me in and offer ed a sit and i sat down ***

Me: thank you so much.


Me: my name is igwe,so what is your name?

Girl: am Jenny .

Me: waoh! So good. Nice to meet you…

Jenny: same my dear.

*** i started asking her about school and other things. As we were discussing,
princess entered and sat beside me.

She kissed me and Jenny stoodup and left with a frown face but princess couldn’t notice her mood cos she was backing her. I have really missed you”princess said. I missed you too sweedy” i replied. So why do u summon me?? I asked. My father said that i will go back to Lagos to further my education,so i said that i have to inform you about that”princess said.***

Me:* it rang like a bell to my ear,i frowned my face * so you father want to take my happiness away.

Princess:its ok dear, its not easy for me to leave you igwe but i have no option.

Me: no problem. But when next will i set my eyes on you again? Remember i will soon leave this village to search for green pasture. I don’t want anybody to take you away from me…

Princess: no problem,if we are meant to be together,we must surely see each other again.

*** she laid her head on my arm and i positioned her mouth wella and kissed her,

she moaned. She said we should enjoy ourselves for one more time before she leave. Here is not the right place for that”i replied. She asked me,where is the right ?***

Me: when are you traveling?

Princess: tommorow.

* i kissed her and we engaged in a hot romance when Jenny entered *

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