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Me: what is the problem naw??? I haven’t seen you shedding tears before,
Please tell me what the problem is. *
tears was still rolling from her eyes *
did you summon me to shade tears for me?

If you don’t want to tell me what the problem is,
am going to leave your office and never to come back.

If someone enters your office naw and see you in this mood nko?

What will you tell the person? Please i don’t want anybody to suspect us.

*** she didn’t utter any word to me,
i moved closer to her and
and laid my one hand on her back as i was consoling her…***

Mrs: am not well since last week.

Me: am so sorry ma… Have you went to hospital???

Mrs: yes

Me : then what is the result?

Mrs: am confuse right now…

Me: you don’t have to,tell me what the result is?

Mrs: doctor confirm that am pregnant.

i removed my hand from her back and looked into her eyes * please if it is a joke,
just stop it..

Mrs: am not joking

Me: how can you tell me that you are pregnant while you knw that you can’t conceive,
Or did you lied to me before about your pregnancy issue??

Mrs: i didn’t lie to you.

Me: then how come you are pregnant?

Mrs: am still confuse about that.

*** i started moving to and fro inside her office.

If you see my face at that particular point in time eeeh, it can be use for anti-bacteria drugs.

She stood up and held me *** .

Mrs:When doctor told me that am pregnant,
i couldn’t believe him… Its not your fault neither is it mine bcos when i got married to two different men and i couldn’t conceive
and two different doctors confirmed that i can’t conceive again.

So maybe God just decided to use you and bless me with fruit of the womb.

This is my prayer all this years.

Me: but why are you shedding tears when i entered?

Mrs: my dear that was a tears of joy .

Me: *
i started feeling uncomfortable * so what are you trying to say about the pregnancy,
you knw,i can’t father a child at this my stage??

Mrs: my dear you don’t have to be worried about that ok,
i choose to be a single mother than to be childless.

I will carry it but only thing i need from you is your support not financially.

Answer me when i call you and be there when i need you and secondly let it be a secret between you and i.

Please i hope you understand me?

Me: yes,i have heard you… I will do as you said.

Mrs: please don’t abandon me and my baby..

Me: i promise,i wouldn’t.
*** she moved closer to me and kissed me,
my dickson resurrected immediately and i started having sexual urge.
I moved to the door and locked it and came back to her.
I kissed her and started to caress her.

Her body was vibrating as am doing that.
As my finger was going down to her lower region,she left a soft moan and held me tight to herself.

I tried all i could to free myself from her but her hands were so tight.

I kissed her mouth and her b–bs and she freed me a bit.

My dickson was so erect and hard as if it is going to pull down heaven on earth.

I can’t hold myself anymore,as am trying to remove her cloth,someone knocked at the door.

My mind skipped,chai i don die,who could be that ? My dickson bow down instantly,
i sat down immediately and she arranged herself and opened the door.

It was one JSS student that came to submit their class assignments.

My mind was calmed.

When the boy left,i told her that we can’t continue,
that am going back to the class.
She agreed and i moved out of her office with a passionate kiss from her…

When i came out,i couldn’t go back to the class
bcos of princess that knws when i left the class to Mrs sharp sharp office.

I decided to use the opportunity to look for house that i will live till our exam will be over as my father told me to.

I later found one opposite harrison’s house.

I didn’t go back to school again,
so i went home straight and met my father at home and told him that i have found a house.

He asked me where the location is and i told him.. ***

My dad: why did you come back early today bcos i knw that school haven’t dismiss by now?

And why did you come back with none of your books?

Me: *
see jamb question *

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