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When the dismissal bell were ranged,
i became scared. Whenever our dismissal bell is been ranged,
no body will be allow to go out of the school till the dismissal assemble will be over.

All the students went down to the dismissal assemble
for closing prayer.
Company also joined us,i can’t even remember the
last time he attended both morning and afternoon assemble,
he even stood at my back,
i was a bit scared.

After praying and announcement,
two hilux landed in our school,
everybody were suprised.
When they came out of the vehicle,
behold they are policemen.

That moment they came down from their vehicle,
they rushed to the assemble ground,
they started moving around.
One of them passed me from the front and immediately,
what i heard was a beating.
I turned around and it was company and
immediately those boys that i fought with and the
extra two guys that followed them,
saw how they are beating company and they ran to the gate inorder to escape but
our gateman locked the gate and they were captured.
The policemen beat them to the point that
their mouth started bleeding.
All the students and all the teachers were
mopping at them.
Soon our principal came out from
his office and
moved closer to where the policemen were handling company and his boys.
He demanded from the policemen to knw what they did…..

One of the policemen told our principal that,
they went to Comprehensive Secondary School (the school is in Awka,
Anambra state ) and robbed some students and killed 2 of them.

According to the report that came to our station.
He was identify by one student of that school
that said,he knew him and his boys.

After the policeman finished explaining to our principal,
he moved to where they kept company’s school bag and opened it..

They found some phones and a small pistol gun and all the students shouted.

After everything,our principal gave them his full support to take him away,they took him and his boys away.

After their departure,our principal gathered us together and started to warn us using
company as an example. After everything we dismissed from the assemble ground.

We commenced with our lesson,throughout the lesson that day,
princess and i were as cool as an interior dog nose.

So na like dis,i for die. I dey prepare make i go fight company and his boys dem with empty hand.

Chai! God i dey grateful for saving my life.

Where will i have been now,probably it might be in
the mortuary, thank You Lord..

After our lesson that day, i accompanied princess to the main road where she borded a bus to her house and i went home.

In the nite when am reading some of my textbooks and
Mr sharp sharp called me and i picked up***.

Me: hello ma..

Mrs: how are you igwe?

Me: am fine

Mrs: what have i done to you that you decided to abandon me?

Me: is not like that ma,you knw,
i have been busy bcos of our exam that is fast approaching.

Mrs: you have been busy that you can’t even answer me in my office.

Me:please am so sorry about that,
please forgive me…

Mrs: no problem but you have to see me tomorrow in my office,there is an important issue between you and i.

Me: important issue?

Mrs : yes please make sure you come bcos its urgent.

Me :no problem ma,i will come tomorrow.

she aborted the call * shuu dis lady dikwa mean oooo…
What will be the issue that made her not to tell me” i love you ” as she normally say at the end of our discussion on phone?

What she said to me made me not to concentrate again in my studies that nite.

I tried to force myself to read but all were in vain,
so i droped my books and slept off.

In the morning when i got to school,i went to her office and it was locked so i returned back to our class.

Princess noticed that am worried and she started to ask me,what the problem is but i told her that am ok…

After our first and second lesson,someone told me that Mrs sharp sharp is calling me…

I left to her office,i came in and sat down and i didn’t even greet her…

She looked straight to my eyes and tears rolled down.***

Me: what is the problem,why are you crying like this naw???

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