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Me: daddy now is for science class.

My dad: science class?
Which one is science class?

Me: we have science and art students in our class.

Science students are those students that want to be medical doctors and they also study about environment
while art students are those that want to work under government.

So daddy our subjects are different so that’s why they teach us separately.

My dad: this children una no go kill person for this world oooo…. Person wey dey,so study about environment,
wetin im go carry am dey do? Who go dey pay am?

Na so dem dey squander deir parents money. Anyway,will you still go back to school again today?

Me: yes daddy
*** he went out,
i went to the bathroom and took my bath.

I went to the kitchen to knw if my mum left some food but unfortunately there was
no food in the house so i went back to school,
when i got to school,they have started with the lesson.

When i look to knw who was
teaching them and it was Mrs sharp sharp.

I decided to enter the class without taking permission
from her,when i gave it a second thought,
i said that, if i enter like that,
it may attract suspect .

I asked for permission to enter and she
allowed me in immediately.

I went straight to my sit and sat down.

As she was teaching us, i keep on staring at her lips.

After teaching,she started to write on the black board.

As she was busy writing on the black board,

i was also busy looking at her b—ck…chai igwe,see wetin you dey chop.

She has a very nice b—ck which i couldn’t notice.

The thought about her pregnancy came to my mind and i was lost.

Igwe if dis lady give birth to dis child,
even if am far away from her,
one day the child must look for me bcos
blood they said, is thicker than water.

Well only God knws why it happened,
i can’t blame HIM.

Princess tapped me and i got myself immediately.

After some minutes later,
Mrs sharp sharp left our class.
Princess started asking me what the problem is.

I told her that am just thinking about how our wassce exam will be bcos of this
problem our class and some of our teachers are having.

Our class had a meeting and reported some of our lazy teachers to the principal.
Our principal summoned them and shouted and harassed them in our present,
so bcos of that,they said that they will not enter our exam hall to
help us.

So after lesson that day and i
decided to see princess off. ***

Princess: igwe where have you been since morning that Mrs sharp sharp called you to her office?

Me: my dear,that woman wahala too much oooo….
You need to see a large quantity of assignment she gave me to mark for her,
i couldn’t even finish it.

Princess: what kind of assignment is that one naw???

Me: that’s an assignment of two different classes.

Princess: * she was irritated * what kind of rubbish is that one naw???

how can she give you that hug number of books to mark while
she knew
that you are still a student.
Wouldnt you stay in the class
and learn anymore?
Any day she came to school,
she will call you out from the class and you will be in her office till further notice.

Igwe did your parent send you to school to come and learn how to mark an assignment???
Igwe you have to wakeup
Gush! I hate that lady
the first day i saw her in this school.

She is now making you not to concentrate in your studies,
remember our wassce exam is fast approaching and she can never write it for you. * i was silent bcos i knw that i lied *
Please just try and understand this and withdraw yourself from
some of her works that she was pushing on you.

You knw i love you and that is why i don’t want you to make a mistake in your education so as not to affect you and i
in future.

Me: thank you so much for the advice,
but i still have some problem about that…..

Princess:what is the problem my dear?

Me: is just that am already use to help her,so i don’t knw how to disassociate myself from her…

Princess:i don’t said that you should ignore her when she calls you but
try and use something and cover up when she give you some books to mark.

Me: thank you…

*** when we got to the main road,i borded a bus for her
and she left and i went home..
After some days,my father paid for the house lent and i moved in..

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