Could This Be Love - S04 E17

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The vehicle drove to the end quay and the Security guys got
out and opened the doors for them. Kyle shook his head at
how odd it seemed. He’d never had anyone guarding him
before and these guys were grim and silent.

“Ah, there’s Captain Wales,” Patricia said. Kyle followed her
gaze down the quay to where a portly man in faded jeans
and a partially buttoned white shirt approached.
“Patricia,” He boomed, his voice deep and strong.

“Morning, Captain. Are we ready to go?”
“As soon as you’re on board,” He replied. His gaze turned to
Kyle and he looked him up and down. “This him? The
resemblance is there.”
“Kyle Watson,” He said, thrusting out a hand to the Captain.
“Bart Wales,” The man said, crushing Kyle’s hand in a
fearsome grip. “Follow me, lad.”
As soon as his back was turned Kyle massaged his hand
and caught Patricia grinning at him. She nodded with her
head and they followed the Captain down the pier. As they
neared the end Kyle caught sight of a boat in the water,
unlike any he’d seen before.

He could see it was a double-hulled Catamaran, but it
wasn’t a sailboat. It was like two speedboats welded
together then given to Ferrari to turn into something fast
and cool. A large cabin sat astride the two hulls with angled
windows, topped by a small seating area upstairs, and the
entire ship was coated in a kind of metallic charcoal colour.
It looked fast, predatory and dangerous.
“This is the Betsy,” Captain Wales announced and Kyle
chuckled. “Something funny, lad?”
“Not at all, Captain,” He replied quickly. “I just expected her
to be named Dagger or Razor or something sharp and
deadly. It’s a really cool boat.”
“You never knew my Betsy,” He winked.

Patricia led him on board and the two Security guys
appeared a couple of minutes later with their bags. The
other two members of the crew carried them into the cabin
and stowed them out the way while Kyle and Patricia sat
“Do you get seasick, Kyle?”
“No idea,” He replied. “I’ve never been at sea before.”
“Okay, take one of these pills,” Patricia replied, taking a
bottle from her bag. She took one of the pills out and
popped it in her own mouth then handed the bottle to Kyle.

“They’re anti-nausea medication.”
“They’re yours?”
“Yes,” She nodded. “I have to take them everytime I come on
the boat.”

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