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No matter how tired Kyle felt, he couldn’t seem to shut his
brain down and his usual trick of reading it into
unconsciousness didn’t work. He was quite surprised when
Captain Oates re-appeared to wake Patricia and let them
know they’d be landing in thirty minutes.
“Did you get any sleep?” She asked as she sat up and rolled
her neck, easing out the kinks.
“Nope,” Kyle said, tapping the side of his head. “Too much
going on up here.”
“Make sure you let me know when you feel tired and I’ll see
if I can get you an hour or two,” Patricia replied. She
yawned. “Mind if I dive in the shower first?”
“Sure.” Kyle turned back to his book but then changed his
mind and went to the galley to brew some coffee. By the
time he’d got it figured out Patricia re-appeared, dressed
now in a pair of beige linen trousers and a white vest top
with a white linen shirt over the top.
“Is that coffee I can smell?” She asked, rubbing her hair with
a towel.

“Yeah, I think I’ve figured the machine out,” Kyle grinned.
“Want a latte or something?”
“Espresso, if you can manage that?”
Kyle nodded and got to work while Patricia finished towelling
her hair dry. By the time he’d got his own latte sorted out
and an espresso for Patricia she’d hung the towel up and
opened a box of danish, muffins and scones and piled them
all on a plate.
“Breakfast sorted,” She announced, heading back into the

As Kyle sat with her, picking at a cherry muffin he realised
how weird this was. Here he was sitting in the cabin of a
private jet with a really hot blonde who was fresh from the
shower, checking her emails on her phone with one hand
while eating her breakfast with the other.

“I guess the surreal didn’t stop with yesterday,” he
“Sorry, Kyle. Didn’t catch you there.”
“Nothing. Just thinking out loud.”
By the time he’d eaten something and drunk his coffee he
barely had time for a quick shower. When he emerged,
Patricia had laid out some clothes for him, a pair of dark
blue denim jeans, a pair of black boots and a loose black
shirt, along with a leather belt and a pair of shades.
He shrugged and went into the bathroom, got dressed and
then took his seat again.
“Good timing. We’re about to land,” Patricia told him, still
flicking away at her phone. Her hair was straightened and
tied in a neat ponytail behind her, her minimal makeup was
re-applied and everything was neatly packed away in the
Kyle fastened his seatbelt, suffering a nicotine craving.
“Looking forward to getting off the aircraft so I can have a
Patricia laughed. “You should have just had one, Kyle. It’s a
private jet. You can do what you want.”
“Yeah, but you don’t smoke, and the whole passive smoking
thing is not good,” He pointed out.

“When I’m out partying I chain smoke,” Patricia admitted.
“Go for it. It’s fine.”
Kyle shrugged and lit up. He looked out the window as the
aircraft descended into the clouds. He turned back to see
Patricia still flicking through information on her phone.
He frowned as her words of the night before came back to
him. Don’t lie, tell the truth, talk to me about anything, trust
in me. He wondered how much he could trust in her,
specifically could he tell her about Sahara/Kara and Katie/
Katarina. Did he have the courage to tell someone that he
had carnal knowledge of his sisters, even if he didn’t know
they were his sisters at the time.
The thought of the five other people knowing swam to the
fore, and he bit his lip as he considered what would happen
if it ever came out.

“Patricia,” He said hesitantly.
“Yeah?” Her gaze lifted up from her phone, turning to a
frown as she saw his serious expression.
“Remember how you told me I should trust you, and that you
needed to know about things before they became a problem
so you could take action?”
“Well, there’s something I’m going to tell you, and…”
“Kyle, whatever you tell me and whatever we talk about is
between you and I,” She said firmly. “Is it something bad?”
“It’s kinda f----d up,” He said after a moment.
“Go ahead,” Patricia said, placing her phone in her lap and
twisting to face him.
“Three years ago I was on spring break in Myrtle Beach. Ed,
Casey and I met these girls, four of them, and we hit it off.
We agreed to meet them later for drinks, but before we did
we headed for a strip club, mostly because Ed’s a raging
pervert, but whatever.”
Patricia nodded. “Okay.”
“Well, I spotted this stripper that looked a lot like the girl I
was chatting to earlier, one of the four, right?”
“Go on.”
“So I got a lapdance from her, and it was… memorable.”
“What happened?” Patricia asked.

“Oh, nothing bad. It was just… an exceptionally good
lapdance,” Kyle explained and blushed a little.
“Oh, okay. So was there a problem?”
“I’m coming to that. Anyway, we went and met the girls, and
me and this girl who called herself Julietta hit it off. The four
of them and the three of us ended up back at their place and
I spent the night with Julietta.”
“Alright. Was there some police involvement or something?”
“No, nothing like that. It was a great night, probably the best
night of my life,” Kyle continued. “Here’s the problem.”
Patricia sat waiting patiently for Kyle to continue, really not
sure where he was going with it.
“Yesterday Mister Crowler showed me two photographs of
Her hand flew to her mouth. “No f-----g way,” She blurted.
Kyle nodded, his expression frozen. “The stripper was
named Sahara, but her real name is Kara, and the girl I
spent the night with, Julietta was actually called Katie. Her
full name is Katarina.”
“And you didn’t know?”
“Not a f-----g clue,” Kyle replied.

“I just went on vacation,
got lapdances from two strippers, spent the night with a hot
chick I met at a waterpark and now I find out three years
later that….” His voice trailed off.
“Okay,” Patricia said after a moments thought. “Alright, I
appreciate you trusting me with this Kyle.” She shook her
head as she thought about it, her eyes distant. “Talk about
bad f-----g luck.”
“Tell me about it.” He agreed immediately.
“Your friends know.” It wasn’t a question. “And so do hers.”
“Yep,” Kyle nodded. “And if we hit the papers they’ll all
realise at the same f-----g instant that we’ve got….
“Okay, we can deal with this,” Patricia said quickly. “There’s
things we can do to ensure they stay quiet, make it in their
best interests to keep this to themselves.”

“Hey, I don’t want anything bad to happen to them,” Kyle
said quickly.
“It’s not like that,” Patricia replied. “Positive reinforcement.
We reward them for doing the right thing. If they agree to
keep quiet then we can make sure they have a nice life,
maybe a nice vacation every year or scholarships for any
children they may have. We can remove any records of you
having ever been to Myrtle Beach, things like that.”
“Oh. Okay. Can it all be done quietly?”
“Very discretely,” she nodded. “So run me through this
again. You were with your friends, Casey and Ed?”
“And Katarina was….”
“Katie,” Kyle said. “She told me she goes by Katie.”
“Okay, Katie was with three friends?”

“Do you know their names?”
“I think they were fake names, but there was Margarita. She
was hispanic, kinda looked a bit like Jennifer Lopez, and her
and Katie seemed quite tight. There was a black girl called
Shanice, I think, and Jessica was the blonde one. Really
skinny,” He added.
“And you don’t know if these names were real or fake?”
He shrugged. “I think they were fake names, but the four of
them seemed like close friends, so you might be able to get
the information from Katie.”
“I can find out who they are,” She said firmly.
“Oh, and they all went to Business School together. In New
York. I don’t remember which one.”

Patricia nodded. “Okay, I have to make a call, set some
wheels in motion. Don’t worry about this for now. It’ll all be
handled discretely, and nothing has been decided yet as to
any courses of action. Right now it’s about getting
information and time is of the essence.”
Kyle nodded and sank into his seat. It was almost like a bit
of relief he felt, having told someone about it finally and their
reaction wasn’t horror or revulsion or disgust as he feared.

He still knew deep down that he wasn’t to know who they
were, but a part of him felt sickened about it, mostly
because he knew they were his favourite masturbation
memories and the thought of seeing them again in the flesh
gave him a tingle of excitement.

“Hi, it’s Patricia,” He heard her say, her phone pressed to
her ear. “Yes, I’ve got an urgent tasking for you, personal
investigations on three people, reports every twelve
hours….. New York, attended Berkeley Business School
between one year and four years ago… friends with
Katarina Lawhead, aged 23. She dropped out two to three
years ago…. Names are aliases, but they were friends with
Miss Lawhead. Subject one is a hispanic female, twenty
three years old, named Margarita, possibly an alias….

Subject Two is a black female, twenty three years old,
named Shanice, possibly an alias…. Okay, Subject Three is
a white female, twenty three years old named Jessica,
possibly an alias. Blonde hair, very skinny….. No, that’s all
I’ve got.”
Kyle watched her head tilted to the side, her expression
intense as she listened to the person on the other end of the

“Okay, that’s good…. Right, yes… Yes, please. Send me
their files right through, no redactions.” She saw Kyle
looking at her and gave him a smile, and Kyle wondered
what the hell was going on. How on earth they could track
anyone down with as little information as that was insane,
but it appeared that something was happening.
“Yes, please. Email them directly to me…. There’s another
two taskings for you too…. Kyle Watson’s friends, Ed and
Casey….. Yes, please. To my email too….. Thanks. Speak
to you in a few hours.” She ended the call and turned to

“Okay, we’ve got the names of the three girls. The one
called Margarita was actually her real name but the other
two were fakes,” She explained simply.
“How the hell did you do that so quickly?” Kyle blurted. “You
were only on the phone for five minutes.”

“Oh, the investigator I was on the call with looked up Katie’s
facebook photos for her spring break vacation and looked at
the tags on the names.”
“Oh,” Kyle said, feeling a bit stupid. “As simple as that?”
“Sometimes that’s all it takes,” Patricia shrugged. “Anyway,
they’re going to start sending me information through to find
out how we can get some leverage on them.”
“Shit,” Kyle breathed, almost frightened at the lethal
efficiency he’d just seen.
Patricia looked out the window and turned back to Kyle with
a smile on her face. “Welcome to Guadeloupe, Kyle.”
He looked out the window, seeing the jet about to touch
down on a runway. To the right he could see a small
housing estate and beyond that the blue waters of the
Caribbean sea. The sun was just starting to come up and it
cast everything on the ground in amazing shadows.

“Exactly,” She replied.
With a gentle bump the jet touched down and after a couple
of minutes it pulled up at a small building where a black four
by four waited with a couple of serious men in suits outside
it. A local official waited to one side, probably to check their
“That’s our ride,” Patricia told him. “They’ll take us to the

“Yeah, it’ll take us to the Island,” She explained. “It’s very
Kyle shook hands with Captain Oates and thanked him for
the flight, then followed Patricia across the tarmac to the
waiting vehicle. Two aircrew retrieved their bags and put
them in the trunk under the supervision of the two security
guys while the official checked their passports, and within
minutes they were off.
Kyle looked out the windows at what he expected to be an
amazing sight, a whole new culture, but most of it was still
asleep and it ended up being little more than mostly
deserted streets. Five minutes later they took a turn onto a
harbour and Kyle smiled. The view of the water looked
amazing and dozens of fishing boats lined the piers at the
small port.
The vehicle drove to the end quay and the Security guys got
out and opened the doors for them. Kyle shook his head at
how odd it seemed. He’d never had anyone guarding him
before and these guys were grim and silent.
“Ah, there’s Captain Wales,” Patricia said. Kyle followed her
gaze down the quay to where a portly man in faded jeans
and a partially buttoned white shirt approached.
“Patricia,” He boomed, his voice deep and strong.
“Morning, Captain. Are we ready to go?”

“As soon as you’re on board,” He replied. His gaze turned to
Kyle and he looked him up and down. “This him? The
resemblance is there.”
“Kyle Watson,” He said, thrusting out a hand to the Captain.
“Bart Wales,” The man said, crushing Kyle’s hand in a
fearsome grip. “Follow me, lad.”

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