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Kyle nodded and looked around for something to wash the
pill down with. He found a bottle of water in the galley and
took the pill, then joined Patricia on the sofa.
“This boat’s something,” She said, a warning note in her
voice. “You want to be seated when it opens up.”
“Should we go upstairs?” Kyle suggested. The boat had
really got his attention and he wanted to see what it was

“Sure,” Patricia nodded and they headed out the back and up
the stairs.

“Come to enjoy the ride?” Captain Wales asked as they
appeared on the upper deck. He was standing beside a large
console with one hand on a steering wheel and the other on
a large lever. “We’re just about to cast off.”
“Kyle wants to see what it’s like when you open her up,
Captain,” Patricia told him, and Kyle detected a hint of
amusement in her tone.
The Captain grinned and looked over the side of the boat.
“We good?” He called down, then grunted a moment later,
hit some buttons on the console and Kyle felt the big
engines come to life. The sheer power vibrated through his
“Wow,” He murmured.
“I know,” Patricia replied. “It’s gets better.”
“Can’t wait.”
The Captain moved the lever forward an inch and the boat
began to move away from the quay slowly until they were
clear of the other boats. A turn of the wheel had the nose
pulling around to the right towards the open water.
“Hold tight, kids,” Captain Wales told them, and he pushed
the lever most of the way forward.

Kyle was pressed right back in his seat as the engines
roared and the nose of the boat lifted. For a terrifying
second he thought the boat was going to flip over, but then
it raced forward. The wind was blasting through his hair in
seconds as the Catamaran blasted out to sea. He glanced
over his shoulder, seeing a huge spray of water coming up
behind him from the back of the boat.
“Holy f-----g shit,” He grinned, and laughed as he saw
Patricia laughing at his expression. “This is seriously bad
Kyle sat on the upper deck for ten minutes, revelling in the
blast of fresh air in his face, but he began to yawn so
Patricia suggested they went back downstairs. Once they
were seated in the cabin one of Captain Wales’ crew brought
them coffee and fruit juice, and Kyle poured himself a cup.
“So I need to talk to you about Security, Kyle.”
“Okay,” Kyle nodded. He figured that there was bound to be
some security on the island, so he was about to get a
briefing on it.

“From this point forward, and in many different ways, you’re
going to be a target,” She said flatly, taking him by surprise.
He blinked. “A target?”
“Yes. In many different ways. Because you’re worth a lot of
money, you’ll be a high-level target for kidnappers, people
will try and con you, the media will pursue you, women will
try and seduce you, politicians will try and court you,
basically you’ll be sought after in many different ways.”
Kyle laughed, drawing a frown from Patricia. It wasn’t the
reaction she’d been expecting, but it was one particular line
in there that made him laugh.
“Women will try and seduce me? I think you can chalk that
one off as a non-existant threat,” He told her.
For all Kyle’s life he’d been the pursuer, and not particularly
successful at it either. He’d had a few girlfriends, but
nothing serious, and certainly no-one he wanted to spend a
great deal of time with either with the exception of Katie, but
he’d always had to do the work. Kyle didn’t think a woman
had ever put the moves on him in his entire life.
Patricia sighed and clasped her hands together. “Okay, Kyle.
How much do you know about perception?”
“You mean what you see?”
“No, I mean how others see you. How your perception of
yourself differs from how others see you.”
He shrugged. “I can’t say I’ve given it much thought. You
mean like an image though?”
“Sort of. Let me explain how people will perceive you,
assuming you end up accepting everything thats on offer
from this trip.”

“Okay,” He replied, no longer laughing.
“From out of nowhere comes this guy, one of the heirs to
the Tripps billions, and he looks a lot like Danny Tripps
himself. He’s slim, in pretty decent shape and by the time
the stylists have been over him, he’s looking pretty good.
He’s got a degree in Business from Stamford so he’s bright,
and no-one really knows anything about him. With me so
Kyle nodded, listening.

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