Undecided - S01 E20

5 months ago

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Hailey's POV

I didn’t really feel like having lunch today just like I haven’t felt like having lunch for the past week.

Lately, Dibz has been skipping lunch and it just spoilt the whole concept of lunch to me,like there was nothing to look forward to during lunch again. He’s seemed abit distant recently always burying himself with school work or training alone after school hours or he’s with that Fola girl the whole time and a greater chunk of that time is spent with them sucking each other’s face off..eewww!! (But it didn’t be one bit disgusting if I was the sucking faces with him tho lol).

So you can imagine my irritation now as Debby’s dragging my ass off to lunch ,my pleas falling on deaf ears sometimes she just does anything she feels like doing without a single care in the world but I still love her tho.

“Hey Hales long time no see”, T hailed as I dumped my sorry self on my side of the table.
“Hi T I’ve just been busy with alot lately you know ,with the games and school”, I replied trying my best to seem like I give a f***K.

“Hey guys”,Fola greeted as she “majestically” sat down clearly looking exhausted, guess the cheer coach has really got them working pretty hard.

I stared at her perfect frame covered in a sports bra inside the cheer crop jacket, her full flat tommy on display and really tight leggings that accentuated her curves rightly…now I see why Dibz is hooked by this siren sitting across from me. It’s not like I’m bad myself nah far from it,infact I’m quite the looker too thanks to my killer frame from killer squats and my mom’s strong Mexican genes…but believe it or not I really don’t want to break Dibz and Fola apart but I also want him and I tend to always get what I want and if someone ends up hurt,my sincere apologies but I just have to have him.

“What’s with the stare Hailey,its becoming creepy”, Fola deadpanned. Apparently I’d been staring for long, so I immediately averted my gazed and put all my focus in sipping my smoothie really fast.

“Uhmm where’s Dibz, he’s not here?”, Her Majesty asked . Mhmm, that’s actually true, where’s he, you hardly see them apart during lunch or maybe they had a fight (I really wish they had fight).

“You don’t know?….. that’s weird I thought you were with him..maybe he’s on his way or something”, Debbie replied.
“Maybe I should go look for him and drag him here to eat”, Fola said getting up.

As she got up to go, Kegged walked up witj Henry beside him, both in their basket ball training jerseys and they looked quite hot with their sweaty muscles on display.

“Good you’re here, where’s your friend?”, Fola asked Jeff.
“Gee Fola I’m good thanks for asking”Jeff replied taking a seat.
“Sorry about that Hi Josh ,Hi Henry”,she apologized. “So, have you seen him?”,she asked again.

“YH he’s still training in the field, wonder why he’s trying so hard”,Josh said ,his mouth already full with his burger.
” I’m gon go get him, he needs to eat something”, She said. ” Oh come on Fola, he’s not baby and I’m pretty sure he’d make it in time for lunch before the bell goes off”, Henry said in a bid to persuade her.

“He’s right”,Josh replied gulping down his soda after which he belched rather loudly.. eeeww.
She later agreed to stay and the table was normal again with chitchat here and there but something was quite revealing to me and it was the way which Henry always seemed to rope Fola into any conversation and that look in his eyes anytime she talked ,oh I know that look from experience, it’s the same I always have when Dibz is talking too even when he’s saying rubbish.

Maybe just maybe I might have found an ally in this my quest to win Dibz over…

Oh thank you Debby for dragging me to lunch today…

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