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5 months ago

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Dibz's POV

So Henry has been back for sometime now and it’s definitely not fun having him around…I swear.

The guy has been in the spotlight since his return, almost everyone’s talking about it, like it’s been a week already they should at least move on with their pathetic lives(OK it’s official, I’m hopeless jealous). Fola hasn’t changed or anything, infact she’s been pretty much amazing with me and our relationship but I just couldn’t help but feel so insecure with this Henry dude around. Rumor had it that he didn’t make the final cut for NBA scholarship at Harvard that’s why he returned. I had begun to dedicate more time and energy on my academics and soccer just to distract myself cause whenever I’m idle, all I think about is how I’d kill Henry without being a prime suspect ,yeah that’s how pathetic I’ve become, this is the main reason I hate getting attached to someone buy it’s Fola I’m talking about here and I just love her too much , she’s changed my life positively these few months I’ve come to know her.

It’s a Friday night when we usually have our night but I’m in one of the lecture halls now studying because Fola said she wouldn’t be able to make it , something about Tiara feeling unwell due to food poisoning or something of that sort.

Normally I would have just gone to see the movie anyways but I just wanted to be in my own company and besides I didn’t want to have Hailey breathing down my neck, I know she likes me and all but sometimes she acts like she doesn’t know I’m dating Fola and sometimes goes abit overboard, one evening like that we were having dinner and I think i had something on the side of my lips , then Fola went to order her food ,so she offered to clean it off my mouth and I innocently agreed cause I didn’t see any harm in it ,only for this girl to use her tongue to lick off the stuff on the corner of my lips. Only God knows what woulda happened if Fola was there.

So back to present where I was struggling to tackle an exercise on portfolio risk when Josh and some dude entered, I didn’t really care to look since I had already Josh’s voice due to his loud nature.

“Nawa o dude, even for movie night you dey read abi Na because Fola no show…..Una dey fight?”,Josh said in a funny pidgin accent. Lately, he’s been obsessed with learning pidgin because of a scholarship female student that just transferred to BlueBlood. He tried to woo her but she rebuffed his efforts saying she wanted a real dude who’s seen life and not rich spoilt trust fund brat.

“Nah we cool, she’s in Tiara’s suite ,T is sick”,I replied finally raising my head to look at them and that’s when I saw the guy he was with, the source of my insecurities now….fuvking Henry!!!!

“Hey man”,Henry said with a smile extending his hand for a shake.

“Hey”, I replied,reluctantly shaking him back too.
“So I heard you’re the guy who’s got Fola’s heart now, bad guy”,he said with a smile. At that statement, alarms began to go off in my head already.
“More like she’s the one who’s got my own heart.. she’s a gem”,I replied him with a smile of my own too.

“Preach bro, she’s truly a gem and I was foolish enough to lose her but don’t make the same mistake bro, you should never lose her” he said ,more like advised. Now that wasn’t what I was expecting ,Maybe I was wrong about and he’s actually a good guy, I mean I shouldn’t be judging someone just because I feel threatened by them.

After our little talk, I eased up and let him warm up to me and surprisingly I actually liked his company, he’s actually a good guy.

“There you are”,said Fola from the doorway accompanied by a sickly Tiara.

“I’ve been looking all over for you”,she continued as she got to my front and placed a peck on my lips completely oblivious of the guys with me.

She always does this, always ignoring everyone around till she’s greeted me with a kiss before she realizes that i actually have company..gotta admit though,i love it!!

“But you said you had help Tiara Na so I didn’t bother to see the movie again”,I replied.
“I was feeling better so I decided we step out to see the movie”, Tiara said.

“Oh OK so sorry about your illness”I replied her.” “Thanks D, hi Josh hi Henry”,she greeted.
“Finally somebody recognizes our presence here”,Josh said in hi usual dramatic nature.
” Oh so sorry Josh and Henry too, didn’t mean to ignore you guys just that I was worried looking for this lovely big head here…he wasn’t at the cinema and he wasn’t in his suite too”,she apologized while playfully poking my head.
“Mmm hmm”,Josh replied clearly not satisfied with her apology.

“I see you still got it Fifi ,that was your 15th birthday right?”,Henry said for the first time since the girls showed up. He was referring to a bracelet babe has been wearing since I knew her.

“Yeah….I was already going mad then thinking you’d forgotten my birthday and didn’t bring me any gift”,Fola replied laughing.

There ladies and gentlemen ,the warning bells in my head went off again …why would she still be wearing a bracelet her ex bought for her since her 15th birthday?……

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