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Fola's POV
Is it just me or has my baby been avoiding me lately? Nah he can’t, he’s just too occupied with studies and soccer practice , besides I was the one that forced him to join so I shouldn’t complain, I should just be a more understanding and supportive girlfriend.

So Henry’s back and we’re cool now, we are just friends and everything seems normal now plus I’ve got Dibz now and I let him know about it.

“Earth to Fola”,T said snapping her fingers in front of me.
“What’s wrong with you… I’ve talking to you for a while now and you’re just starinh into space”.

“I’m sorry T, just got alot on my mind lately ,what were you talking about?”,I apologized.
“I was asking for your advice on this loubotin stiletto shoes online, cute yh?”,she asked adjusting her MacBook so I could get clearer view.

“Yh T , they’re really nice”, I replied checking them out. Honestly I didn’t really pay much attention to it so I just accepted that it’s nice which they really are but I done much better like suggest another colour or style… I know I’m a selfish b---h kill me!!!!
“OK Fifi what’s up?”, T asked concerned. That’s the first time she’s calling me Fifi and that’s something since I know she’s not really cool with Henry and he’s the only one who calls me back that but I just let it go and tell her what’s wrong.

“Have you noticed that Dibz has been kinda distant lately?”
“Uhmm yh but I’m sure it’s not what you’re thinking and that he probably has good reason for it”,she replied with a knowing look.

“What I’m thinking..and what exactly am I thinking?”, I asked with a look of accusation on my face.

“You’re thinking he’s avoiding you” she stated in a matter of fact tone.

“No I don’t”, I try to deny. “Mhmm”, she replies clearly not believing me.

“OK maybe I teeny weeny think that’s what he’s doing, does that make me an evil insecure girlfriend?, I asked worried.

“Oh sweetheart don’t be like that, it should shows that you care about him ,you know what…you should totally try and see him this night and talk about this”, Tiara suggests.
“Yh I’d like that”, I replied feeling abit happy again.

So its a Friday night and it seems some kid is having a birthday party here in school and how the school allowed it is what I don’t know but I don’t really care as I’m all out to get a nice and private time with my sweet boyfie tonight. I’ve been looking all over for him but to no avail and I almost give up when I spot Jeff coming with a girl I have seen before prolly in cheer practice, I can’t really place where I’ve seen her.
“Hi Josh, hi Josh’s friend..uhmm where’s he?”, I ask not waiting for him to talk.

He just smiles and gestures behind him as he walks away with familiar girl and then I see my baby walking towards me donned in a black hoodie that just screams hotness ,a hoodie I’m going to steal later, he smiles when he sees me oh how much I love it when he smiles at me.There and then all doubts I’ve been having just vanishes and as he gets nearer and envelopes me in a sweet sweet hug and I release myself and tippy toes to kiss him..I missed that.

We talked and laughed and kissed and made silly jokes before I excused myself to go get us some drinks. I took sometime in getting the drinks as it turns out most of the drinks were already spiked and I had to search hard before I found normal drinks and as I strolled back to my sweet boyfie I saw that our friends had invade our private time as I saw Josh and familiar girl, Debbie , Victor a new friend of Dibz, Sophie his girlfriend ,Henry and the Hailey…..how she ends up anywhere we are beats me everytime.

“Hey guys ” I greeted everyone as I handed Dibz his drink.
“Oh all the seats are occupied Fola seems you’re gonna have to stand or look for a seat which I doubt you’d find given how full here is”, Hailey said in her sickly sweet voice ,a coy smile in her face.

“Oh don’t worry about me girl , I’ve got it all covered”, I replied as I strolled to where my baby was and sat comfortably on his laps, a smirk on my face as I also placed a peck on his lips.
I turned to look back at Hailey as her face had turned a pale green and boy it was a pleasant sight, if she thought she could she cut me off from this gathering she’s clearly ignorant of who she’s messing with…

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