Undecided - S01 E18

5 months ago

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Dibz's POV

Lately, I’ve been having this strange feeling that something unpleasant would happen and I just can’t seem to put my finger on it. At first I thought it was just a slight phase of depression but this feeling didn’t just go away. I explained it to my sister Debbie and she just waved it off as me worrying for nothing and I kinda felt abit relieved when our business psychology test results were released and I got a B+ ,maybe i was really worrying for nothing as Debbie said..


So it was the season for games and I was yet to pick a sport which was also a compulsory condition for students in BlueBlood.

Each student must atleast be a member of one sports team as failure to do so without any concrete medical reason see you assisting Miss Bola in arranging books in the school library everyday after school hours…if you knew the size of our library, you wouldn’t want that.

The most likely option for me was the football team but it’s full of stuck up kids that couldn’t really cut it in any team(not to brag sha).
My baby was in the cheer squad and boy, I knew she loved dancing but seeing her move in those skimpy cheer outfits during their practices was just MAD!!!….worse part is when those basketball douchebags that ogling her, d--n it just makes my blood boil, but trust Fola to always put on a show, one time she danced her way towards where I was and kissed me full blown on the lips, whether it was to mark her territory or just PDA…I don’t know and truth is I don’t care as I kissed her back, relishing every second of it. Of course she was suspended from the team for a while a the coach for doing that in the middle of practice.

After much coercing from Fola to pick a sport, I finally joined the football team just so I’d avoid spending a second in that enormous library.

My first training session with them wasn’t so bad, I actually enjoyed it plus Coach seemed to like me so that was just an added bonus.While in the middle of training, we heard some noises mostly like girls squealing so we stopped to check it out, and it turned out the girls were gathered around someone..a guy, really handsome too , I was kinda confused as I’m pretty sure I hadn’t seen him at all since I got here so I enquired from one of the soccer players.

“Uhmm.. who’s that dude?”, I asked abit annoyed that he seemed to have interrupted our session with his presence.
“Oh, forgot you’re new here, that’s Henry.He used to school here before he left , I guess he’s back now”, the soccer dude replied. Henry?…the name sounded vaguely familiar and that was when it clicked, Fola’s ex’s name was Henry and he waa a student of this school too.. doesn’t that mean he’s back? What if his return rekindles something inside of Fola and she suddenly realised that she’s too good for me?….Oh boy told you guys I had I feeling something terrible was about to happen….

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