Undecided - S01 E17

5 months ago

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Fola's POV

Ever since I was little I’ve always been protective of my things. It’s not like I’m stingy or something, I mean give out my stuff but I just don’t like sharing my0 stuff. Sharing just has this way of dwindling my ownership of something or in this case,someone.

Nowadays, my darling Dibz has been a bit more social than before, being open to more people now especially the girls and tho I’m pleased that he’s out of his shell now, I just can’t help but feel jealous when he acts all cozy with other girls now and the persistent of them is this annoyingly gorgeous half caste witch that just sat down with us now. Why did she choose this table of all the tables in this whole cafeteria.
“Hey Dibz”,Hailey greeted. She just greeted everyone here now and now she’s greeting him specially?….hmmm.

“Hey Hales ,you look good today nice jacket”, Dibz replied smiling. ‘Hales? when did that one start…he now gives her a nickname?’, I thought to myself.
“Oh really…bought last summer vacation in Paris and I haven’t worn it since then cos I felt it wasn’t good but since you like it then it’s OK”, she replied with a goofy smile on her face.
“No wonder it looks so last season”, I said and you could literally feel the dislike in my tone.

Tiara prolly noticed the tension building up and decided to change the topic just then to something I wasn’t paying attention to but not before giving me that look of disapproval mother’s usually give their children when a visitor offers them food in public.

“Are you OK babe?”, Dibz asked when he noticed I was just tracing imaginary lines on my plate.

“You haven’t really said much since you got here”.
“yh I’m good”,I said with a plastic smile on my face but I could tell he wasn’t buying it as he fully turned to me now.
“Are you sure..?”,he asked ,this time placing a hand on my cheek and looking at me with those hypnotizing eyes of his. At this point, i felt bad for making him worry but as I caught a glimpse of Hailey’s scrunched up face with my side eye, I was pleased and decided to play along and also it’d serve as his punishment for ignoring me throughout lunch….yes I’m petty like that lol.

“Actually I don’t feel too well, my head’s spinning and I think I need to lie down”, I said getting up.Now I knew my baby would follow me but I had to act like I didn’t want to disrupt his fun with our friends.

“I’m coming with you”, he said and I had to bite my lips to fight off the smile.

“No no it’s fine I can go myself, I its just a little headache nothing serious and besides I wouldn’t want to spoil your fun”, I feigned again.

“Fun?..babe you’re my fun, no offense guys”,he said smiling at me. At that point, all feelings of insecurity dropped off me and although we hadn’t said the L word yet I knew it just had to be love.

“Uhm D, you haven’t finished your lunch yet and there’s something I wanted to discuss with you”,Hailey said standing up in a bid to dissuade my baby from going with me.

“Maybe later Hales , I gotta be with babe now”,he replied her while picking my bag with his other arm round my waist and it felt GOOD!!…. 

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