Undecided - S01 E16

5 months ago

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Dibz's POV

It’s been three months since Fola and I became pretty intimate and so far it’s been a rollercoaster of sweet feelings.Lately, she’s been helping me with my academics and school’s actually fun when there’s an understanding of what is being taught although my case is much better cos I’ve got a goddess for a tutor who usually uses kisses and hot make out sessions as rewards for me actually understanding the lessons.

I must say dating the most beautiful and popular girl in school has its own perks as almost every trying to be my friend mostly the girls sha , a greater portion of the male folk would rather have my head on a platter than to give me a handshake prolly because I’m with the girl that turned them but ,who cares?…lol def not me.
“Hey babe”, Fola greeted while settling beside me in the cafeteria.

Yeah, Fola has also made me to start going to cafeteria for lunch now.

Our table is usually made up of me, Fola, Debbie ,Jeff and sometimes his girlfriend Gracey, and then T.

‘Took you long enough”,I replied putting my hand round her to pull her closer to me.

‘Abeg abeg o, you people should not start all this your lovely lovely stuff here, some of us are still single here”,T said.
“Oya go and get your own boyf Na”,Fola countered ,before pecking my lips. Just then Debbie joined us with her lunch.
“Hey guys, what’s good?”,she said settling down.

‘We good girly ,just that your bro and this biatch can’t seem keep their hands to themselves”,T said , clicking her tongue.

“Haha uhm…hope you girls don’t mind I invited someone to join us”,Debbie said.

Just then Hailey walked with her tray to our table looking pretty hot in her chick makeup and all…and I felt Fola curse silently as she eventually sat down with us…..

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