Undecided - S01 E15

5 months ago

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Dibz's POV

Wow I guess it’s safe to say kissing Fola is my favourite thing in the world right now (lol just kidding I’ve got aspirations).

After we broke the kiss ,we just stared at each other savouring the moment like it was going to be our last.

“Wow you kiss so well”, I said in a bid to try and ease the tension around us. She just smiled and looked the other way.

“Dibz it’s no news that I like you. alot actually and if we’re going to do this ,I need to know if you feel the same ,I wouldn’t it to be one sided or you being with me out of pity “, she said and I couldn’t help but notice this tinge of hurt in her eyes. What would ever make her think I don’t feel the same way about her, or even more that it scares me that someone has this much effect on me.

“I like you alot Fola , I really do and you don’t know how much it means to me that you feel the same way about me it’s not like I’m that handsome or intelligent or even social”,I said now holding her hand and slightly caressing her knuckles.

“Oh don’t sell yourself short you’re not that bad”,She said smiling. “Not that bad huh?”,I asked smiling too and tickling her. She laughed her ass off , almost falling off even and then I knew that I was far gone with this girl .

” So you really like me yh?”I asked after she got herself. She blushed a little ,then made a face like she didn’t understand what I asked.

“Me ?..like you?..when did I ever say that?”,she asked , trying her best to act serious but the playful happy glint in her eyes betrayed her and I just free her closer to me and kissed her soft lips again, this time it was slow and really intense.

There was no quest for tongue supremacy ,we just let ourselves go with the flow and then she s-------d me not letting go of my lips.

After some seconds,we parted to get some air ,our eyes dazed from the pleasure of the kiss and then I asked again,” so you really like me huh?”.

“Of course I like you, you elixir”,she said smiling ,still straddling me with her arms around my neck.

“D--n you’re so beautiful”,I whispered.Call me lovestruck or anything but she’s just so beautiful , probably the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen( cheesy right? lol).

” Uhm Fola, I think we should probably get back to the cinema before someone sees us like this”,I whispered in her ears. She was now laying her head on my shoulder , still straddling me ,it was more like she was sitting down and hugging me and boy I loved the feeling.

“No let’s stay a little longer ,the movie is still on and nobody would come here “,she replied in a childish manner and just then she tightened her hold on me.

As much as I was enjoying this moment, I didn’t want to take chances and so I begged her again for us to leave with me promising to be with her through out the next day.

She reluctantly stood and held my arm so close to her as we walked back to the cinema and as we reached she tugged me back little and kissed me again. “Call me babe from now “,she said smiling while wiping her lip gloss off my lips ,and then I playfully bit my finger and ran away with her hot on my tail….. 

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