Undecided - S01 E14

5 months ago

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Fola's POV

I couldn’t really understand why I reacted that way , I know I like him a lot but we’re not dating (atleast not yet) and so I had no right to be jealous about him being with another girl but then he lied to my face and told me he couldn’t come only for me to see him with that Hailey laughing and getting all cozy with her.

After much deliberation, I decided that I was in the wrong and had to apologize to Dibz .’ Wow Fola what has come over you’ , I thought to myself. Normally I wouldn’t care to apologize ,but this isn’t just anybody it’s Dibz so I can live with it.

As I was walking back to the cinema , I saw Dibz coming towards me.For a moment I wanted to turn back but I fought the urge and surged forward.

“Fola”, “Dibz” , we both said at the same time. This brought a smile to his face. “Alright ,you first”, he said.

Trust me to be stubborn and refuse even though I really wanted to go first , I just had this bad habit of wanting to oppose people.

“No , you first”,I replied knowing it would vex him and that amused me.

“Typical Fola”,he said smiling.”Look I’m sorry if it appeared like i lied to or didn’t want to hang out with you,truth is Debbie dragged me out here at the last minute I even searched for you when I got here but I didn’t see you”,he said looking at me with those piercing eyes of his. Hearing his side made me feel guilty at just jumping into conclusions.

“I’m sorry too for lashing out like that and in public too, don’t know what came over me”,I said.

“Nah no need , it was kinda fun to watch “,he said smirking. I playfully slapped his arm with a feigned horrified look on my face. “Glad to know my misery excites you”,I said sulking.

He came behind me , so close I could inhale the fruity scent of his body wash.”Everything about you excites me”,he whispered with his lips slightly grazing my ears. I turned to face him and the look in his eyes was enough for me to know he felt the same way I was feeling and we just stared at each other .He leaned closer and I did too ,with closed eyes our lips met and I just melted away in pleasure…..and there I knew I was deep in love with this enigma called Dibz

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