Undecided - S01 E13

5 months ago

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Dibz's POV

One of the things I didn’t like about my sister was the fact that she had this rare power of persuasion over me, it’s like I can’t refuse her anything and it’s so so annoying.

This night I really to do some studying as it appears that I haven’t been doing well some of my courses and if I wanted to leave here early, I had to keep up my own end of the bargain with Dad. The thing now is that I don’t know if I want to leave again because leaving would also mean Fola which was something I didn’t want at the moment. Ah, Fola, we’ve been quite close lately and the feeling was just magical ,the way she’d pout her lips when an argument didn’t go her way or the way she’d rejoice when she finally won an argument (I like to think I let her win sha) or even when we’d be eating and she’d want to eat from mine and I’d refuse ,she throw adorable childish tantrums that will make anyone just give her what she wanted.

Just thinking about her now brought a smile on my lips and then it occurred to me that she might be here too so I sat up a little to scan the crowd but I couldn’t see…..maye she didn’t come afterall.

“Enjoying the movie?”,Hailey asked jolting me out of my thoughts.Haley was Debbie’s friend,really beautiful ,slim but curvy ,abit tall ,light skinned, she was pretty much how i liked my girls but Fola already had my heart so I just saw her every other girl. She was half caste , Nigerian dad and Mexican mum, her dad hotshot corporate lawyer popular here in Lagos.

“Nah…. nothing to enjoy about a male mermaid”,I replied dryly. I don’t know how that was funny at least it didn’t sound funny in my ears but Hailey just cracked up using my arm to support herself. “D--n you’re funny, male mermaid? definitely not what comes to my mind when I see Jason Moma”,she said finally getting a hold of herself.
” yeah,your opinion though”,I said back.I was beginning to ease up to her as I felt there was no need being rude to her plus my sis would be pretty mad with me if I was rude to any of her friends. Now that I think of it, she has said more than four words since she dragged me here,shes been pretty much engrossed in the movie and Hailey has been the one talking with me and she appeared less interested in the movie..wait….is my sis trying to matchmake me with her friend?

I didn’t have the time to ponder over this new discovery when I saw Fola marching towards where we were with this fiery look in her eyes which might I add made her look so sexy that I didn’t know when that my mouth was open a little.
“Wow , really studying hard yh?”,she asked spitefully.

“You know what?…never mind it’s none of my business, guess it’s my fault for wanting to spend more time with you or maybe I’m being clingy or overbearing… have fun with your new girlfriend”,she said as she stormed off. What was that all about is asked myself ,I know I told her I’d be studying but she didn’t even let me talk before jumping into conclusions and she did it publicly ….

I mean we weren’t even dating yet but deep down in the dark corners of my heart,i felt this joy about her acting that way,it meant that I’m not the only one with these feelings , she might have them too, but I’d still have to act sorry towards her now sha cus if can’t risk her not talking to me for even a second, with that I excused myself from Hailey’s company and ran after my jealous to be girlfriend lol. …..

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