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Jamal POV
“why are you starring at me “she asked
“Your beautiful”i said and she smiled
“So tell me about yourself “i said
Am lena and i love singing,my dad owns an
oil company and am the only child “she said
“wow your dad must be rich then”i said and
she nodded
“But your different”i said
“How “i asked
“Most rich kids i know are spoil especially
the kd girls “i said and her mood changed
“Well despite being from a rich home my
parents are strict and they brought me up
well”she said
“I cant see that” i replied
“And i have a bestfriend her name is
baby”she added smiling
“Nice,i have never really had friends that
much”i said
“Why” i asked
“Well we are more of an introvert”i replied
“So no boyfriend”i asked and she starred at

“No “she replied
“What about you “she asked
“No” i replied
“What about lucia”she asked and i smiled
“Lucia is just a girl who is obsessed with me
and the kd girls are the only friends we ever
had”i replied and we kept silent
Never in my life have i imagined of felt his
way towards any girl ,but this girl right here
makes my heart beat anytime shes close to
me,her eyes are the most beautiful thing i
have ever seen,her lips are perfectly curved
and pink that make me want to kiss them ,i
have never had the thought of making any
girl mine but right now i have that thought
,if this is how love feels then i wont want it
to end

Lena Pov
The joy within me knew no bound when he
said lucia is just a friend,i cant believe after
all this years of wishing to see him,talk to
him ,finally he is right beside me ,my crush
and dreamed boyfriend
“We have been here all day that we didnt
know it night already”i said breaking the
silence and rubbing my palms together
because its freezing cold
“yea “he replied pulled off his jacket and
wore them for me
“Thank you”i muttered
“Look at the stars “he said and i lifted my
head up

“So beautiful” i said
“Not as beautiful as you”he said and my
heart melted immediately ,i pinched myself
thinking i was dreaming but hell no this is
real life ,he began moving his face towards
me and then tucked my hair behind my ears
starring into each others eyes
“I should get going “i said and stood up
and he did same ,we walked to my room in
silence until i reached the door
“Good night”i muttered,he starred and me
and then my lips ,omg is he about to kiss me
oh no am not prepared
i dont know if my breath smells bad,i didnt
take any tutorial on kissing,i dont even
know how to kiss what if i disappoint him
,what if i faint in the process?
He drew closer and muttered goodnight to
my ears making sure his lips touch my ear
lobes thereby sending shivers down my
spine ,With that he walked away and i
starred at him till i could no longer see him
i kinda felt disappointed he didnt kiss me
,who am i kidding i am happy
What he had kiss me and my breath smells
bad ,at least i have opportunity to learn how
to kiss ,i ran into my room jumped on the
bed smiling
“Omg he forgot his jaket
I sniffed his jaket and his cologne filled my
nostril,,and that was how i kept sniffing it till
i fell asleep

Maddy Pov
What how can you say that dad”i half
am sorry maddy i did my best but those
girls have full approval and cant be removed
just like that “dad answered
is there nothing you can do about it
please dad”i said
I already did maddy but those girls cant
be removed “dad added and i cut the call
“omg this is bad if those girls cant be
removed easily that means that will have to
do something that can make them leave”
i need to do something to get them out of
the way myself but the problem is what do i

I dont know why i was so exicted but i
woke up myself today after dreaming of
jayden all through the night
“Wow what a miracle you woke up yourself
“alicia said in a mockery tone and i laughed
,i ran into the bathroom took my bath and
dressed quickly
“Alicia hurry up”i yelled
“Calm down babe ,i know you woke up
before me and your pretty exicted about
going out but i need to look good “she said
and i nodded
Soon we arrived at the training hall and i
didnt see lena maybe shes not yet here i
went into the dancing room and jayden was
there,he saw me as i entered and walked
towards me
“Hi”he said and i starred at his cute face
“hi “i replied softly
“I really enjoyed last night even if you ran
away”he said and i chuckled
“Me too” i replied
“Well i hope you see you again today,same
place same time”he said and i nodded
“So …
“Hey baby” i heard a familiar voice and went
turned the same time “here comes the
demon” i thought
“Am so sorry jay ,you know i love you so
much thats why i am being protective “kim
said to jayden and my throat tighten
immediately,so they are dating
“kim can i see you outside”jayden said and
they both left

Jayden Pov
“The earlier you stop this your childish
attitude the better for you”i half yelled at kim
“What are you trying to say jay”kim asked
“Kim you and i are not an item ,i dont love
you and you know that stop forcing yourself
on me and chasing away every girl you see
arround me “i said angrily
“But i love you jay and you know that right
from the beginning “kin said with tears in
her eyes
“Am sorry kim but i cant return that love
,you can take care of the dancing today i will
be at home”i said and walked out

Kim Pov
I cleaned my face with the back of my palm
and went inside
I cant believe jayden told me to my face that
he feels nothing for me,is it because of that
cheap thing maddy
I stormed into the class angrily
“On your feet everyone”i yelled and the
flinched in fear and went to their postion
“Hey you “i said pointing at the girl that
jayden was taking to earlier
“Are you that poor you cant afford good
clothes”i said and the class laughed while
she show no expression
“Go into the dressing room and look for
something better to wear except you dont
want to be in this class anymore “I yelled at
her and she walked to the dressing room
“And i know you are ugly and you dont
want us to see your face but look arround
nobody here cares so when coming out
remove that stinking thing on your head “i
said and the class laughed loudly

Baby Pov
Am tired of this insult and being treated
I entered the dressing room and i found a
jean bum short and a half cut and other

They want to see me right ,i removed my
clothes and put them on ,gosh i look so hot
like a model in them my tiny was and
massive hips ,slender legs ,flat stomach and
normal size boobs were on display
I removed my cap and pined my hair
together so it wont disturb me due to its
I picked my clothes in my hand and walked
out feeling uncomfortable in them

As i stepped out all direction turned to me
and they gapshed immediately
“Holy moly”

I heard them say with their focus on me
Soon i saw jayden entered
“I forgot to…I heard him say but when he
saw everybody eyes on something he
truned also
“Baby” i heard his say with his eyes still fixed
on me like he has seen a ghost

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