Talent High School (Story)

1 year ago

Talent high is a school based in korea(seoul)
were people with different talents come
together to make their gifts perfect ,in
talents high students are being categoried
into two the rich classy people and the poor
Baby mia a young poor girl who behaves like a man ,she is stubborn and good in
karate but luckily she has a gift of dancing and singing and was enrolled into talent
high by her uncle ,of course she is poor so she had to stay in the commoners zone in
talent high but entering the school she has two ambition being the best and changing
what people feel and think about commoners in talent high
The twins,in otherwords, korean finest ,but they both are saddist you never see them
associate themseleves with other or even smile at anyone ,they both have great voice
and dancing skills and that why they are celebrities ,their parents are the owner of
talent high ,they are every girls dream guy and every girl wants to have them
Find out will baby mia fufil her dreams ?

will the twin come out of their sad life ?

Will they fall inlove ?if yes with who?

What will baby do when she meets the twins?

Talent High School - S01 (Story Season)

Talent High School - S01 (Story Season)

1 year ago