Talent High School - S01 E09 (Story Episode)

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Baby Pov
“Wow that was so amaxing ,i didnt know
you sing so well ,why are you in dancing
class”jayden asked
“Lets just say i love dancing more”i replied

“What about you “i asked
“Well i will say same ,i love dancing more”he
said smiling

I starred at him and that was when i noticed
he was insanely cute ,his cute lips ,brown
eyes everythings was just perfect

“Hello”i heard his calling and waving his
hand on my face
“oh sorry i was thinking”i said and truned
my face so he wont see me blush ,i knew he
saw me starring at him
“So what’s your name “he asked
“Baby”i replied
“Huh,you mean baby is your name”he asked
and chuckled
“Yes ,my real name is baby”i said and he
started laughing and he looks so cute when
he laughs
“sorry ,its just weird i havent heard
someone bear that name as a real before ”
he said

“So can i see your face properly ,i mean can i
see your real face”he asked and my heart
started beating
“Sorry my friends will be waiting”i replied
and ran out before he could reply ,i dont
know why my heart will be beating but am
really scared what if he sees my face and fall
inlove with me what do i do ,i dont even

know how to react
“Baby wait,were are you running to “i heard
lena calling and i stopped immediately
“What happened”she asked
“Nothing “i replied and she starred at me
we walked together and started talking
about random stuff
“baby what happened you seem lost”lena

“Well i have been with jayden”i blurted out

“Awwwn” lena said
“‘C’mon lena be serious,he asked me to
remove my cap”i said
“Well did you”she asked
“No i didnt ,what if he likes me”i asked

“awwn baby look at you,you like him already
“lena said laughing
“Stop lena”
“baby your smiling,omg your inlove “lena
said and i blushed
“Okay i think i like him”i confessed
“well you have to show him yourself before
another girl come and snatch him away”lena

“Alright what about jamal,what do you
intend doing”i said and she looked at me
“Dont worry he already has a girlfriend”lena
said and i pitied her ,she has a crush on
jamal for a long time

Jayden Pov

why did she run away,she didnt even wait

for me to finish taking ,and i have noticed
that she never removed her face cap and i
wonder why ,and just now i asked her to
remove her cap she ran away ,i must make
sure i see her face i dont care if shes ugly
and shes the only girl i ever laughed with
,and her voice almost sound like my mystery
girl ,i feel so free arround her

Jayden Pov
“Gosh i cant believe it” lucia said
“Me too” i replied
“how can jayden of all people take side with
that girl ,that b---h,i hate her right from time
” lucia yelled angrily
“You need to see the way he was touching
her ,holding her waist and dancing sexily
with him”i said angrily
“we need a plan” lucia said
“Yes i agree,we need to do something for
her to leave this school” i said
“I have an idea”
“We should frame her ” i said
“Yes your right” lucia said
“but what do we frame her for,she is from a
rich home too” i replied
“Yes we need to find her weakness” lucia
“Dont worry i have the perfect person for
that,i just need to call him” i said and started
making call

Jamal Pov
“Hi”i said to the girl that lucia insulted in the
class and she flinched immediately
“Sorry i didnt mean to scare you” i said and
she smiled
“You have a nice voice you know” i said
“Well i know your just trying to make me feel
better,the other time you said i sound
horrible”she said sadly
“I just said that so that you will stop drolling
over me” i said and she blushed hiding her
“You look cute when you blush “i said and
she used her palm to cover her face ,shes
really cute when she blushed and shes shy ,I
used my hand to remove her palms from her
face and starred at her golden eyes

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