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I was tidying my mother’s room one day when I came across her old diary. Out of curiosity, I glanced through and was surprise to see my name in her diary in a year that I didn’t exist. I became more curious. Had my mother planned to name me ” Jeff” long before I was born?

I flipped the pages of the diary and saw a small autobiography.

It read ” Jeff brought so much pain into my life. He abandoned me after our sweet moment. I regretted the day I met him on Facebook.”

I put the pieces together and realise the “Jeff” in the diary must have been my father. My mum met him on Facebook. That’s why she hated Facebook so much. She named me “Jeffrey Junior” in order to keep my father’s memory. She must have loved him so much.

I realised I was a Facebook Baby the product of their brief relationship. I grew more curious. How did my father look like?

There was something about Creamy Mama’s ex-husband’s photograph that fascinated me. Everyday, I will look at his photograph and wondered how come I resembled him that much. Something else happened that reinforced my conviction about the man I kept seeing in the photograph. My phone had developed a problem and I asked my mum if I can use her phone. She was hesitant at first but eventually gave the phone to me with a strict warning not to go to Facebook.

I took the phone and did the research I wanted to do. I could have returned the phone to her but something told me to try and log into her Facebook account and checked her own Facebook history. Why did she fear Facebook that much. I did a lot of trys and errors but couldn’t get her password.
Something in me keep telling me I was related to the man in the photo. I then remembered it was the same man I saw in my dream who wanted to shot me. Something told me to use my name “Jeff” as her password.

I tried it and it worked. I logged into her Facebook account and browse through her chat history 23 years ago and BAM!
I saw the ” Jeff ” mentioned by my mother in her diary. I matched it with the photograph of Creamy Mama’s ex-husband. BINGO!!!!!

It matched. Jeff is the same as Clifford. The puzzle made sense to me now. Jeff was Clifford’s screen name on Facebook. He hide under it to deceive girls. Eventually, he married Creamy Mama, gave birth to juicy Candy and Queenzy. Yes, Creamy Mama was Nneka, Juicy Candy was Valentina and Queenzy was Kyla. Then I realized I committed a grave taboo by sleeping with my Father’s Ex-wife
and two of my half sisters because of Facebook. Despite this discovery, I pretended and asked my mum about my father once again. As if she knew I knew something about my father, she began narrating her past story with my Father to me.


I know the time had come for me to tell Jeffery Junior, the Circumstan
ces surrounding his birth and the truth about his father. I told him How I met his father on Facebook 23 years ago and he deceived me then that his name was Jeffery Yeboah.
I also told him how we met at Paradise Beach resort where I got pregnant and eventually gave birth to him.

I said, ” Your father disappeared into thin air when I was pregnant with you. It was five years later that we met again in a plane when I was travelling to London. He was also traveling then to meet Melania his white girlfriend.
I took him to Social Welfare but he managed to inveigle them and escape. I don’t know where he is now, son.”

My son was moved to tears. He said, “I think I know where he is”
“How could you know?” I asked highly surprised. Then he dropped a bombshell. I met his Ex – wife!!!

“What!!?” How?

He confessed to me how he met his half sisters and his father’s ex wife a.k.a creamy mama on Facebook.
Out of shock I asked how he knew that creamy mama’s ex-husband was his father. He said he resem
bled him and showed me a picture he stoled from creamy mama’s album. When I gazed at the photograph, I was stunned. Surely the man in the picture was Jeff…Sorry….Clifford Mensah, my son’s father. He even said his father Clifford was the Chancellor of Meridian University. My son had found his father after 23 years.

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