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[ JJ’s POV]

On friday morning, I was Face
booking as usual when I met a woman. She will be around 40 years old. I sent her a friendly request and she accepted it. All I was interested in was to see her and have some casual fun. I heard the sugar mummies take good care of their lovers.
The young ladies were becoming boring and too demanding. Let me try the “bigger, more experienced
and mature fishes.” So it was a rare opportunity for me when I finally met My sugar mummy. She told me her real name but said she preferred to be called ” Creamy-Mama or “C- mama.”
Creamy-Mama told me to follow her into her car. In her car, she kept toying with my laps at interval whenever we discussed something funny. We had series of discussion.
Through our chat I got to know she was married for 10 years and divorced for 6 years. I didn’t asked her the cause of her divorce. On the way, she passed through the shopping mall and bought me lot of clothes and other redundancies I honestly didn’t really need.

“Chaiii, I don turn playboy abi”
We arrived at her house around 7.30 P.m. I was watching TV in her sitting room when I heard Creamy Mama’s voice telling me, “ohhh God!!!. I’m feeling hot. J-boy

I need to take my bath urgently.”

She went into the bathhouse. The sound of the water splashing kept giving me an “internal pressure.”

Few minutes later, she called me to bring her her towel.
I was amazed but said , “Ok,
C-mama, I’m coming right away.”

I got to the entrance of the wash
room and knocked. “Come in” she replied. I was shy. I had never seen
the nakedness of a fully mature lady like my mother’s size before. Gathering courage, I entered the washroom while holding her towel.

I froze there for more than five minutes.

My dear reader. Nawaooo.

When I finally woke from my confusion, C-mama was bathing me like a 4 year old boy. After that she held my hand and took me into the bedroom. She sat on her bed with a white towel around her bosom running to her thigh and another white towel on her head.

Creamy – Mama looked sexier after the bath. The upper part of her bosom heavily weighed on her towel. She told me to sit beside her on the bed. I kept gazing her smooth complexion, spotless thigh and her protruding bosom.

The water drops on her skin enhanced her pulchritude. She applied some pommade on her face while I looked on.

The more I glanced at her, the more my sexcitement intensified. Each time I raised my eyes to look at her, I would noticed her staring at me also.
“Dear, don’t be shy of me. I’m not your mother.” She said, “My back is aching seriously. Come and help me with a massage! She gave me a hot ointment and lied flat on her chest with her back facing the ceiling underneath her towel. I massaged her back until she reached the apogee of excitement.

I offered a little sexual prayer ” “Lord, let me fill this sexy vessel with the abundance of my love.”

She fed me like a baby sucking her mother’s breast. I did exactly that. Her breast seemed to become a feeding bottle in my mouth.

At that point, I knew there was no turning back. I was lost in ecstacy and we paired like two blue – tooth devices. For the first time , I had a feel of a woman old enough to give birth to me, I woman I found on Facebook.

After that night we had other hot buzzling sex parked nights in her chamber.

One day ,She showed me her ex-husband and her children.
I recognized her children imme
diately. Juicy Candy and Queenzy. I also realised these names were mere screen or username names. Out of curiosity, I asked her of their real names. The names she mentioned to me sent me back to the dream I had some six months ago. I realised the names of the girls in my dream were the same as the names she mentioned to me. I also realised I was sleeping with mother and daughters. Surely, that is a taboo. I decided to break my relationship with Creamy Mama. My mother warned me, “DON’T BE LIKE YOUR FATHER.” I stole a photograph of Creamy- Mama’s ex-husband from her album.

Then I left. That was the end of my relationship with Creamy Mama.

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