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The following month

I was at home one early morning when Lady Queenzy called me. She said she wanted to tell me something.

I asked, what is It? I asked.
First of all, my real name is NOT lady Queenzy. I’m called Kyla Mensah.

Ok. I heard. Do you want to pay me another visit or you want to quit the relationship.Have I done something wrong?

“Stop!, Stop!!!,Stop!!!,Stop!!!!! all these speculations. I AM PREGNANT!”

I held my hands in my head and was lost of words.Just when I was about to tell her something,another call came in from Juicy Candy. I told Kyla I would call her back.

I then picked Juicy Candy’s call.
She said she was sensing some changes in her body and she started putting on more weight. Her breast was becoming bigger and her feet fatter. I told her it may be a minor sickness. She told me she had been vomiting incessantly and she had missed her period, over three weeks on the due time.
I’m call Valentina Mensah, not Juicy Candy. Stop calling me that.

“Ok. Dear Valentina, I suggest you go to the hospital for check up. I hope it is not ……”

“I AM PREGNANT,” Valentina said overcutting my statement short.

I voluntarily asked,rather foolishly,

You too?”When?” How?” Why?”
Valentina was angry with me. She asked,” what do we mean by ‘you too?’who else is pregnant for you?

Have you lost your mind? What do you mean by “how?” and “Why?”

Don’t you know how I got pregnant?” You are an idiot.
It is true that when you keep filling a pot with water, no matter how big it is,would certainly become full and overflow its bank. Kyla and Valentina’s pot was now full with foetuses.

I told Valentina I will call her later and cut the call.

BEEP!! Creamy Mama also sent me a message. I clicked on the message box with trepidation. It opened. You can guess its content

Out of anger , I smashed the phone on the ground and screamed.

At that moment, my heart seemed to jumped out from its location into my stomach. Beads of sweat broke my skin and encircled my forehead.
My heart began to palpitate with fear. I shook uncontrollably, the announcement reverberated in my skull sending painfully spasm through my entire body. I couldn’t even walk. The pot of guilt on my head was overwhelming.

My joints shock erratically as if they are going to disjoin.

That night

I heard a heavy knock on our gate. Upon opening the gate , I saw Valentina and Kyla being held firmly by a man who resembled me.

They were crying. He said, his name is Clifford Mensah. He looked angry when he saw me. He said, “I suppose you are Jeff Junior.”


“So you are the one who impreg
nated my two daughters?”
He was shaking with anger.
I said” I’M SORRY SIR!”
“Sorry?, when you are happily dangling your rod inside them, were you sorry?”
I was silent.

He said, “No, you deserve to die. He aimed his Automatic Pistol on me and asked, who’s your mother?

“Caroline Doe.” I answered.

He lowered his gun and looked at me critically. His face distorted in pain. A minute later he said, “you are our “Facebook Baby.”

You impregnated your own sisters. You deserve to die for impregnating my daughters, kyla and Valentina.

Ever since you were born, I never knew peace in my life.”
I glanced at his daughters. They were crying uncontrollably.

I stood rooted to the spot with sweat breaking out from every pore on my skin. Beads of formed circles on my forehead. I felt the ground beneath me would suddenly opened opened up to swallow me into the abyss of hell, where a supernova would be waiting to torture me. It sounded like a fairy tale to me then.

He said, “in your next life, learn to control your p*nis.”
“I’m sorry DAD.”

“Sorry for yourself,” bastard!
I saw his hand on the trigger…
My mind suddenly switched off blank. I was shivering like a shaken leaf about to be blown by the wind. My knees trembled and wobbled.

Suddenly , I woke up. It was a dream. The same dream again.
My eyes were wet with years.

The next Morning

I glanced at my watch. It was 7.00 a.m Friday. How could I tell my mother I impregnated my own half – sisters and my father’s ex wife who could potentially be called my ex – step mother. Surely I need to die.

“Babe, what is wrong?” My mother asked me.

“Nothing mum,” I answered.
“I’m your mother. No matter how serious your problem is , just spill it out to me.”

“Don’t worry, mum. I can handle It,” I told her.

Without saying another word , she left for work. As soon as she negotiated a curve, I went to a nearby store and bought rat poison.

When I returned home, I wrote a suicide note down for my mum.

                       SUICIDE NOTE
I am very sorry it has to end like this.

This is not the ending I wish for but I have come to the realisation that life is not worth living without.

You have tried to protect me from the dangers associated with Facebooking but I allowed my own desire to overall my sense of judgement. Now I impregnated my own sisters and step mother.

I have brought a huge disgrace and abomination upon you and I can’t live with this great embarrassment.

I need to take the painful way out.

Mother, Please forgive me for choosing this painful way out. Death is the only option now.
Maybe we will live again in the afterlife.
Your sad Facebook baby
                                                                . …………

                       Jeffrey Junior.    
Mixing the rat poison with water I held it to my mouth and began drinking it.

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