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After bathing, we walked back into the bedroom . I couldn’t help but gape at her thick gorgeous feminine body.

We kissed passionately as if our lives depended on it. I was ignited with a hot unbridled passion and lust.

Kyla’s eyes glowed like a hunting cat’s in that dimly lit room, and her mouth was as red as a berry.

We plunged onto the soft surface of my rosy bed ,closed-together as if any small space between us will separate us from our moment of pleasure. Soon the quickie metamorphosized into something else…

We crossed from the physical world into the world of ecstasy, pleasure and laughter. Time stood still.

My heart was beating faster than my thought. I felt I was en route to heaven. “You can come “in” now,” she said, kissing me tenderly.

I found myself catching fire in the watery warmth of her flesh. We made love, the pungent scent of our bodies’ juices mingling with the perfumed bouncing bed as the moon gazed at us in consternation, its light pouring on us like golden rain.

Exhaustion became the final arbiter that broke the ecstatic bond.

Back to the physical world,she dressed up quickly and I saw her off.

“It’s late babe, stay over,” I said
“Now, I need to go home. I brought my own car so driving home won’t be a problem. It’s just
She gazed at her golden watch.
“….9.00 P.m. I should be home by 9.40 P.m.
“Ok. If you insist,” I said
“By the way, you never gave me any background information about yourself apart from the one on facebook ,”I reminded her.

She smiled and said, “Never mind. Next time.”
Soon I heard the sound of her vehicle in the background. She’s gone.

Day # 4

When Kyla left , the sweet short moment we shared remained etched in my mind. I couldn’t focus on anything. I turned to Motor race but it was wasteful. I decided to play super Mario. I select my player and the level. Then clicked on The ” PLAY BUTTON.”

A shrill buzz of my mobile phone interrupted my game.
It was as if the “play button” on the game was synchronized with the caller’s time.

I glanced at the phone screen.
It was not a familiar number but I picked the call.

“Hello ! JJ”
“Hello,whom am I speaking with, please?”

A very soft melodious voice echoed from the other side of the wireless line. “Valentina”
“Oh, come on , Babe, you nearly deceived me with your melodious voice. May I know the good tidings you have for me this afternoon ?” I inquired.
“It’s a real promise”
” I can’t wait to hear it, dear”
“Are you ready to hear it ?” She teased.

“Ever ready, dear!” I exclaimed.
“Sing for me before I tell you, “Valentina said.

“Oh,My dear. Not now.When I see you vis-a- vis , I will sing for you.

“Are you serious with that ?”
“Yes, “I replied.
“Ok, I would be your guest in an hour’s time. ”

“Really? Oh, come on, isn’t that going to be wonderful, dear? I can’t just wait to see you in my humble abode.” I said and ended the phone, full of smiles.
I was very much delighted after that piece of conversation.
“Is Valentina surely coming into my abode for sure ?” I kept asking myself,” a little bit sceptical because she promised to turn up on Monday but later made an excuse her mother had sent her on an errand. Well. I could only wait and see.

“What would be my reaction when I see her?
Should I carry her on my laps?”
I laughed at that thought.
Suddenly the memory of Kyla was relegated to the background , replaced by the fantasies of Valentina.
I took a gentle walk in and around the whole house making double sure everything was perfectly arranged to suit the desire of Valentina. I also checked meticu
lously for evidence of Kyla’s presence.
The gate bell buzzed “C-r-r-r.”
My heart missed a beat. Probably, it would be Valentina . Gleefully, I dashed towards the gate and opened it. Lo and behold, there stood Valentina , beaming with smiles and looking sexy in her thight jeans that accentuated her curves and topless blouse.
“Hello! My sweetheart, you’re welcome” I said kissing her on the cheek.

She replied with a smile revealing a set of neatly arranged sparkling white teeth, and what added to her beauty was the deep dimples on her cheeks as she smiled .”Thank you “she said.
I ushered her into the living room. “Please Make yourself comfor
table” I said.

I served her with soft drinks,Potato
and corn chips, crisps, saltines and meat snacks.
.”…I’m sorry I couldn’t make it on Monday.” She apologized.
“It’s ok.” I said
“I miss you so much.” She said.
“Me too.” I said.
I was so excited to see Valentina. She was actually my original plan.
Skyla was an afterthought or a subsidiary plan.

Valentina fit into my definition of a perfect lady. Curvy figure, round breast, set lips and amorous eyes. Being in her company was never a dull moment. She brought me drinks. It was quite unusual especially in our part of the world for a woman to buy drinks for a man.

As if to endorse our union, the clouds began gathering and the rain began. The sky seemed to be crying heavily as if one of its sons is dead and was enroute to the burial ground.
We felt like perfect couples amidst the showers of rain. My mother’s absence from the house gave us limitless freedom and joy.

As if we were children, we went out and began jumping up and down in the rain, dancing in circles.

I carried Valentina in my arms and moved from the rain into my room.

Both of us were soaked to the skin by the rain.

With the two of us closely knitted, an intense passionate heat coursed through our bodies in order to drive away the coldness which had encamped us.

Our bodies communicated with so much sensation and telepathy that we become very conscious of the signals our bodies were giving us, to be filled with love and emotion.

Then suddenly, Valentina said, “can I kiss you?”
Though I wasn’t surprise at her request , the sincerity with which she said it really amazed me. I said, “Yes, Go on”
She planted a kiss on my cheeks. Then it became more and more passionate. My sensation was awoken from sleep, revitalised by Valentina’s expertised romantic kiss.
I could see the flames of love burning incessantly in her eyes.
My adrenaline automatically surged up.

” Please,can you lock the door?”she said more of a command than a polite request. Valentina’s attention has been momentarily diverted towards the door.

I locked the door and drew the curtains shut. Now I knew there was no turning point. The love game has just began. It was clearly emblazoned on our faces. We sat and chatted for some time.

Our hands met. The fingers intertwined and teasing each other in responsive caresses.

Time had gone by and the only words we spoke were signs and facial expressions. I touched her waist and felt her pulse quickened.

Her beautiful eyes had been communicating sensual messages to me.

Without words, I stood up and while holding her hands, she rose with me. We stood together very close and gaze with a longing in our respective eyes. Together we moved closer.

My hands softly touched her right cheek. Her eyes closed as her face turned in my hands. My left hand brushed through her hair and carresed her earlobes and neck.

I felt her tremble. Her eyes grew softer and deeper, sparking with rays of love.

As if with some unstoppable forces,our faces moved closer.
Cheeks touched cheeks and I felt my moustache cautiously touching her cheeks. In a moment that seemed like eternity, our lips touched and began to move as one. Her lips were naturally soft and moist as they melted into mine.

My hands moved and touched her back and I felt her gasp. Her knees weaken with intensity of my angelic kisses.

I awoken her sensations in full gear. My hands moved away to her back and found her Zip. I opened her dress gently to the edge of her buttocks.

The dress fell under Valentina’s feet like a pack of rug. Valentina stepped out of her dresses.

She unbuttoned my dress too and threw both shirt and trousers away. My blood boiled with passion

“Valentina,”Your smile warmed my heart and your beautiful eyes pierced deep into my heart making me fall deeper and deeper in love with you. Your love is killing me softly. ”
” Me too, my heart is burning with love, ” Valentina began, locking her tongue in my mouth.

Valentina toyed with the hairs on my chest. As if hypnotized, I stood watching for a while before begin
ning to toy with Valentina’s well- proportioned figure.
I lifted her up to level my head. We tickled each others sensitive areas , tossed and rolled on the rosy bed. We left this world of pain to the world of pleasure and paradise. The room suddenly transformed into the garden of Eden. Suddenly, the room was lit with a blue candlelight and the ground was adorned with soft rosy flowers.

Time seemed to stop to witness the solemn display of love at its Zenith, so young, so tender, so romantic. Naïvity was simply out of the context. Somewhere along the way I had an intuition that I was treading on dangerous grounds but for once in my lifetime I decided to trust my clouded emotion rather than his highly discernible intelligence and intuition.

Still I was not much of myself. I said, “Valentina,I don’t want us to get into trouble for just ten minutes of pleasure. Let’s stop it.”

Oh, JJ, don’t spoil this beautiful romantic moment with fear of the unknown.

I finally access “her” riding her up and down like an aggressive stallion. The lovematics was over
whelming. Our chemistry was naturally in tune bringing series and series of pleasure and great ecstasy, leaving Valentina gasping for breath as she kept moaning uncontrollably, “Oh, eh,ei, ah!, C’mon babe. I love it.”

After several bouts of lovemaking , exhaustion crept in and we fell asleep on the bed n*ked. The room which had been transformed during our Swivation suddenly re-transfor
med from a paranormal status to its normal appearance, the rosies, candles and blue lights suddenly obliterated from view.
I couldn’t believe Valentina passed the night over at my place.

Day #5
On the 5th day, I went on a stroll and found myself in a forest. I suddenly have an intuition someone was stalking me. I turned round only to see an angry man pointing a gun at me. Valentina and Kyla were with him. He angrily asked me, “are you the one banging my daughters.?”

“Kneel down there, you womanizer!”

Get ready to die.!!! He pointed his gun on me and was ready to pull the trigger. My jaws quaked with fear and I drooled involuntarily.

He pressed the trigger, “BANG!!”
I gathered some courage and shouted, “M-Mummmmmm!!!!!!!”

“Yes, what is It, JJ?”
I woke up suddenly only to see my mother sitting by the edge of the bed. It was all one BIG DREAM.

“It’s ok. My baby.I’m sure you have a terrible nightmare.”
I looked at my mum blankly, hardly believing it was all a dream starting from my mother’s travel down to where I shouted when the gun was put on me.

Nevertheless, I asked Her, “mum ,are you planning of travelling?”
My mum answered, “Yes” I planned travelling to Ghana next week. By the way, how do you know about it because I never told you.”

“Well, I saw it in my dream.” I said.

What else have you seen in your dream? She asked me.
“A lot, mum.”

“Tell me all that you saw.”
“Ok.Mum” I began narrating my dream to my mum.

” In my dream you told me you are travelling to Ghana and that you will spend one week there . You also advised me to be careful with the use of Facebook.”

I told my mum how I managed to obey his instruction for two days before going on Facebook where I met two beautiful girls online. I told her how the girls came to the house and we had ….s.e.x. Eventually, I told her how I met a man in the forest who attempted to murder me before I woke up. My mother looked worried but managed to tell me “son, don’t worry, It shall be well.




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