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Day # 3 Continues

3 Hours Later

My high expectation for Valentina softened when she didn’t turn up .

I was beginning to think she was just toying with me. Suddenly my phone rang. I gazed at the screen. It was her. I picked the call and asked her” what took you so long?”
Have you arrived?

To my astonishment, she said ” No ”

She had not arrived. She told me her mother suddenly called her and wanted to send her on an errand so she could not make it that day. She promised calling me as soon as she was done with the errand.

I was highly disappointed, I turned back to continue playing my video game.
I was about to click the ” play button ” when my phone beep again. I glanced at the notification panel. It was Kyla. Kyla seemed more formal and not really friendly as Valentina.
I click on the notification panel and read her message. She said,”let’s chat ” on Facebook.
Quickly the link attached to her message took me to Facebook. She sent me a picture. A decent but lovely one.

Kyla : Hi JJ

Me : Hi, Kyla.

Kyla : Thank you for accepting my friendly request.

Me : You’re Welcome

Kyla : you are so handsome.

Me: Thanks for the compliment.

Kyla : Your profile on Facebook doesn’t say much about you. I want to know you more.

Me :Why?

Kyla : Isn’t it obvious to You, I like you.

Me : I see. Where are you now?

Kyla : In town.I came to do some thing in town.

Me : Where exactly?

Kyla :Obio Akpor. Local Government Area Secretariat, Rumuodumaya, Rivers State.

Me : what?!! I’m in that area. Follow the street and look for House Number 0075.

Kyla : Are you serious.

Me : Yes. Very serious.

Kyla : Ok. I’m coming

Me: I will be waiting.


Ten Minutes Later

I made my room nice and arranged the bed, throwing the old bedsheet away, replacing it with a new one .

I spray some perfumes on the bed and styled the edges with a bouquet of flower.

“C-R-R-r-r-r-r,” The gate bell buzzed. I was highly expectant. Probably, it would be Kyla.

Gleefully, I walked to the gate and opened it. It was Kyla. She smiled at me.

She looked very simple in her Mini skirt and sleeveless blouse.
“Hello! My facebook friend , you’re welcome.”
She giggled and said, “Thank you”

I ushered her into the living room. “Please Make yourself comfor
table” I said, and like a caring friend , I served her with all that would make her feel at home like Malt, biscuit, and cake.
“Please set the ball rolling” I said with all confidence.

After you confirm my friendly request on Facebook I became curious and wanted to find out if indeed you are the real owner of that cute face you used for your Displayed Picture.

She began to sip her malta Guin
ness while looking into a photo album. I cleared the table soon after she had satisfied herself with the drink.

“I must confess you look more handsome than your photograph,”
she said.

I turned on the TV for Kyla.
” Let’s watch this TV programme, I said.

“Which TV programme?” She asked.

“Date Rush” I said, It’s a programme that seek to connect young single men and women looking for love. It’s like a match-maker kind of thing.
“Wow, I never imagine there is any TV programme like that. Which channel is that? ” she asked.

“TV3″a TV channel in Ghana,” I said.

We watched the programme for about twenty minutes. Kyla loved it.

She said, “It’s really interesting.”
“Yea,It’s fantastic,” I said.

Kyla suddenly turned and watched me.”Don’t you have beer in the refrigerator?” She asked.

I was surprised a lady of her calibre was demanding beer.
I said, “No , I don’t but I can get one for you.”

” Ok. Do that for me,”She said succinctly.

I dashed across the road and got Kyla two bottles of beer.

Her face lightened up the moment she saw the beer.

I realised she kept staring at me in a way that suggest she desired me in a romantic way. I needn’t wait for long to conjecture the scenario. She said, “can we have some “fun” after the drink?”

“Well, yeah, emm, which kind of fun are you talking about, ” I said, pretending not to know what she was taking about.

She looked at me quite surprised at my utterances and said, “you don’t look like an unintelligent person. I’m sure you understood me.I need a quickie.”

“After another round of drink, she was boozed.

“Excuse me, Kyla, I want to have a bath,” I said to her.

I entered my bedroom to undress and take my bath. Kyla suddenly materialised in the bedroom n*ked.  She had taken off her skimpy mini skirt and blouse.

“Let’s go and have the bath together, after that you will give me a ‘quikie.’ Said Kyla.

“The two of us?” I asked , feeling quite uncomfortable.

“Yes, why not,are you shy of me?”

“No, ” I said.
“C’mon, Don’t act the Roman Father here, ” she held my right hand and we moved to the bathhouse together.




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