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Six Months Later

Jeff junior was growing into an extremely handsome young guy, a trait he inherited from his father Clifford, the super ” Playboy”

Of course,JJ’s Cute features didn’t escape the attention of the young ladies. As much as possible, Jeff Junior tried to avoid social Media, be it WhatsApp, Twitter, Linkin, Viber, Snapchat, Instagram and more specifically FACEBOOK.

He was playing his Dream League as usual when his phone beeped.

He saw the Facebook icon on his notification pane.

A voice within him said, “avoid the notification message.” Another one said, “You need to access this message. You have been missing a lot on Facebook.”

He was in a dilemma. Eventually, he decided to listen to the voice of his desires. He had forgotten his mother’s severe warning against facebook and his own dream six months ago. JJ decided to log into his facebook account. A friendly request popped up and asked him to “confirm” and he confirmed it.

He stared in awe at the photo
graphs before his very eyes. Then another friendly request popped up.

Quickly, he confirmed the second friendly request too. JJ was enjoying his interaction with the girls on Facebook. Soon he had other friendly requests from girls. That day marked a turning point in his life. He began spending more and more time on Facebook.
He reflected on the beautiful girls he encountered on facebook. The girl with a screen name Juicy Candy has beautiful boobs with just the right sized ni*ples.

The desire to “taste” Juicy Candy grew so strong in JJ and after several chats on Facebook, he invited her out. There destination was “La Campagne Tropicana beach.
Many at times ,you see artist portraying the beach with their paintings, or by singing about its magnificence and its splendor but all these could not be equiparated with the real beauty that the beach really holds.

Juicy Candy came round at the scheduled time in her car. She was dressed in mini- skirt with no visible panty line drawn at her big back.

JJ conjectured she was wearing an under wear popularly called

They are typically worn for the purpose of avoiding a panty line in tight pants, dresses, or skirts.

Her very short mini skirt and bare back top with fine hairs smoothly lying on her skin turned so many heads and caused series of eye rolls.
Her lips were adorned with pink colour. It looked like she was bra-less, betrayed by the dots made by her nipples which were hard pressed against her tight topless blouse. Her plump tights were tantalising and muscles packed but crafted in the shape of feminism. Her lady’s bag match the colour of her high -heeled shoes and mini- skirt.

“Welcome, sweetheart!” JJ said.
Thank you,my handsome buddy, Juicy Candy responded.
She looked at him sexily and asked, “what kind of friendship do you really want from me?” Be truthful.”
“I want friends with benefits,” he said.

JJ knew ladies want to be friends with benefits for exactly the same reasons men do: They don’t want a romantic entanglement. They like sex but value independence. They value some other part of their lives, such as career, over romance.

“Oh, I see,” she said succinctly and hugged him.
Soon they headed towards the beach. A place that JJ enjoyed going to was the beach. He saw it as a place of relaxation because it was normally quiet and peaceful there. To look around you and see the beauty of mother nature at its finest is simply magnificent, perhaps awe-inspiring.Majority of people see beaches as their favorite vacation destinations. Not only for the beauty and relaxa
tion but for the sheer entertain

 Sometimes, one go to the beach to get away from all my troubles that are bothering him or her. To feel the grainy sand all under your toes. To sit there under the sun feeling the warmth of it beating down on your skin. To know that if you get too hot that you only have to walk about ten feet down until you get into the brisk cool ocean, and feel instant relief from the blistering sun. Also to lay on a float in the ocean and just feel the ocean as you are a part of it. Not only to feel but to hear the waves is the ultimate relaxation.

The beach is not only known as a place to relax ,but as a place of beauty.
JJ’s preference was to relax and just soaking up the environment around him. It’s so amazing to watch the palm trees flow freely and sway in the happy breezes of the sea.
La Campagne Tropicana beach in
Nigeria is quite popular for its combination of adventure, sweet solitude and breathtaking views.

JJ and Juicy Candy went to “La Campagne Tropicana beach resort, Lekki Lagos.”It provides them with an amazing view, tropical surroundings,peace and quiet, and a wholesome cultural experience. In fact, the experience began as soon as they set out and make the drive down to the soft, golden sands of the beach, being welcome by a great view where one could have a feel of the Atlantic ocean.

In addition to its natural benefits, the Tourist Beach offered modern facilities to complement the overall experience.
JJ was very happy to take his girl friend to that magnificent beach.

They could feel the sand surround
ing their feet and sun rays hitting their body. They went to the resort and ate Granola Bars,Yogurt and Roasted Chickpeas.

In a small changing room, Candy changed into a bikini.
The sea waves crashed incessantly onto the shore. There were seagulls flying above, looking for their next prey, dolphins jumping out of the ocean water as far as the eye can see.

The volleyball nets strung tight as a harp. The hammocks swaying loosely in the nice ocean breeze and the drinks flowing made the aura of the beach quite indescri
bable. People at the beach always find something fun to do. It may be; playing water sports in the ocean, playing volleyball or frisbee on the shore, or just plain relaxing and being lazy by laying in a hammock with a drink in your hand. JJ and his girlfriend found another type of “fun” in a summer hut. They decided to play the game men and women love to play when they are in love. Juicy Candy shifted her thong to one side. The writing on the thong ” KISS IT, LIKE YOU, MEAN IT” seemed to convey the mutual feeling they share. Soon he kissed “it” , like “it” and mean “it” by
exploring her feminine world of pleasure, in the bigger environment of the beach which offers innumerable pleasures, though not as sweet to man as the one found between the thigh of a woman.
After their romantic adventure in the confines of the summer hut, they happily ran towards the blue sea. JJ, the Facebook baby carried her lover and together, they plunged into the sea, happily splashing the water on each other admist joy and laughter.

It was getting to dusk. Time to go home. They left, fully happy they had been able to make the day at the beach a happy moment where they sealed their love with sex.





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